Freshman Parking Ban

No one may purchase a parking permit for a car that is registered in Department of Motor Vehicles to a resident freshman, a parent of a resident freshman or anyone else who lives at the same address as the resident freshman.

The Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services defines a freshman to be any FIRST YEAR college student. To be exempt from the Resident Freshman Parking Ban, the student must have completed two full semesters at a college or University.

Freshmen who reside in University residence halls are not permitted to register or park a vehicle on campus including meters & visitors' paid lot. Freshmen who reside off-campus may register a vehicle on campus.

Pre-college credits, advanced placement credits, CLEP credits and the like are not relevant to this regulation. Any credit awarded for coursework taken prior to high school graduation, or during the summer following graduation, does not change student status as freshman or first year college student.

Students entering their second semester that obtain "sophomore status" by virtue of their registration are still considered freshmen. The student must complete two full semesters at a college or university to be exempt from the ban. Students entering their second year (i.e. third semester) at the University are eligible to register a vehicle on campus even if they have not completed enough credits to obtain sophomore standing. They are no longer considered first year college students.

No exemptions will be made for students who have jobs in the local area or at home. Students with medical considerations, after approval through the University Health Center, may be granted an exemption. Students with military obligations may be granted an exemption with supporting documentation from their commanding officer on military letterhead. 

Exemptions are granted on a semester basis and will be renewed, free of charge, if the student's circumstances remain unchanged. Verification must be provided to document the request. Renewals will not be granted if the student received a parking violation the previous semester.

Please be aware that ANYONE attempting to register a vehicle for a RESIDENT FRESHMAN is subject to referral to the Student Judicial Board for review. Both parties referred may be placed on disciplinary probation, and prohibited from operating/parking a vehicle on campus for an additional year. In addition, any vehicle registered to a RESIDENT FRESHMAN will be placed on the TOW LIST and the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense, even if legally parked.