Parking and Mass Transit Forms

Appeal Form: Must be submitted within 14 days of issuance of citation.

Vehicle Registration Forms: Faculty/Staff and Students who wish to pay with credit or debit card must use the On-Line Services link or your MyUAlbany. 

   Student Vehicle Registration form
Union Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration Form
Non-Union Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration Form
Research Foundation Vehicle Registration Form
Student (Summer only session) Vehicle Registration Form
Empire Commons/Freedom Apartments/Liberty Lane Residents Vehicle Registration Form
Retiree Vehicle Registration Form
• Vendor/Contractor Permit Application

Department Guest Pass Request Form - Booklets of Guest Passes and/or Tokens

Department Request for Individual Guests Parking - A request to permit guests to park at the Collin Circle Visitors Lot (without having a token or guest pass) and then have PMTS bill your department.    

Mass Transit Charter Request Form