A PHYSICS 240, class# 7234:

Physics 3: The Structure of Matter

Autumn 2017 (3 units course credit)

Mon-Wed 02:45 P.M.-04:05 P.M. Physics Building, Room 229

Prof. Matthew Szydagis
Grader: Umer, Muhammad Send an E-mail

Office hours: 11:30-1:30 TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS and by appointment (Room 312)

Text: Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers by S.T. Thornton and A. Rex any edition

Course Description: An introduction to the kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics and its laws, Einstein's theory of special relativity, quantum mechanics, and the atomic nature of matter. We will also be discussing, whenever possible, some of the modern applications resulting from these areas of physics.

General Education Category: Disciplinary Perspectives: natural sciences. See Undergraduate Bulletin p. 53 for general criteria governing General Education courses and specific learning objectives for Natural Science General Education courses (natural phenomena, scientific method, & social impact).

Your grades (A-E with +/-) will be calculated according to this rubric:

Midterm Exam 25% 5-10 Questions re-used from the homework problem sets
Final Exam 35% Comprehensive on all topics including before midterm
Attendance 10% 3 excused absences, no questions asked
Class participation 15% Leading discussion: many times throughout semester
The Homework 15% Answering questions weekly based on reading, due Wednesdays

The following table logs reading and writing homework assignments per class.

M08.28Introduction plus TemperatureREAD: First Law of Thermodynamics DO: H.W. #1
W08.30The First Law of ThermodynamicsREAD: Kinetic Theory of Gases DO: H.W. #1
W09.06The Kinetic Theory of GasesGO OVER: H.W. #1 Answer Key DO: H.W. #2
M09.11The Kinetic Theory of GasesREAD: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics DO: H.W. #2
W09.13The 2nd Law of ThermodynamicsGO OVER: H.W. #2 Answer Key DO: H.W. #3
M09.18The 2nd Law of ThermodynamicsREAD: Chapter 2, Rex and Thornton DO: H.W. #3
M09.25The Theory of Special RelativityREAD: Chapter 2, Rex and Thornton DO: H.W. #3
W09.27The Theory of Special RelativityGO OVER: H.W. #3 Answer Key DO: H.W. #4
M10.02The Theory of Special RelativityREAD: Chapter 3, Rex and Thornton DO: H.W. #4
W10.04Experimental Need for QuantumGO OVER: H.W. #4 Answer Key DO: H.W. #5
M10.09Experimental Need for QuantumREAD: Chapter 4, Rex and Thornton DO: H.W. #5
W10.11The Structure of the AtomGO OVER: H.W. #5 Answer Key STUDY: Midterm!
M10.16MIDTERM EXAMGO OVER: solutions; relax and REST after test
W10.18review of midterm testREAD: Chapter 5, Rex and Thornton DO: H.W. #6

Extra Credit: You can earn bonus points by attending the Tuesday seminars and Friday colloquia, weekly in 129 at 3-4pm. The amount of credit is 1% per confirmed attendance up to a maximum possible of 5%, meaning 5 attendances, that is added directly on to your final grade, after what I hope will be rewarding experiences for all of you. No other options are possible, and because this is only extra credit it is not required to find a replacement activity. Note the percentage adds directly to your final fractional total for your grade. No "make-ups" will happen if you fail to take advantage of these opportunities early, because, again it is only "extra" credit and not a required part of your grade. Getting the maximum is powerful and may be able to move you from a '-' grade to unsigned, or unsigned to +, making up also for approximately one-third of class participation or one-third of all homework for the semester. Lastly, seminars and colloquia may be cancelled without notice even the day of, and I am not responsible for when this happens. ADDENDUM 08/28: SPS counts. STARTS: Week of 09/11

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