List of Past Dissertations

Year Last Name First Name PhD MS Theses Advisor
2015RehmanMahbood  XCoherent Scatter Imaging MeasurementCarolyn MacDonald
2015HassanLaila X A Coherent Scattering Imaging Monte Carlo SimulationCarolyn MacDonald
2014WrightMatthew  XA Brownian Dynamics Approach to ESR Line Shape CalculationsKeith Earle
2014EdsonWilliam X Measurement of the ttbar Interaction Cross Section in the tau+jets Decay Channel via Multivariable Template Fitting of 4.6 fb-1 of data collected at √s = 7 TeV by the ATLAS DetectorSaj Alam
2014ParentiMathew  XEnergy Dependence of Deuteron Induced Nuclear Reaction Cross Sections on Li, Be, B, C, N, O, and FWilliam Lanford
2014PlacekBen X EXONEST: A Bayesian Algorith for Detecting and Characterizing ExoplanetsKevin Knuth
2014KernKatie  XCoherent Scatter Imaging for MammographyCarolyn MacDonald
2014NawazShahid X Momentum and Spin in Entropic Quantum DynamicsAriel Caticha
2014TseMan Kit X Power Law Models of Stock IndicesKevin Knuth
2014PeerzadaLubna X Diffraction-Based Techniques for High Contrast X-Ray ImagingCarolyn MacDonald
2013TeebaRashid X Measurement of the Top Anti-Top Quark Pair Production Cross-section in the tau tau + jets Channel at sqrt{s}sqrt{s}=7 TeV Using ATLAS DetectorSajadj Alam
2013EichelbergerGregory  X Ariel Caticha
2013NewshawBahreyni X A potential Framework for Emergent Space-Time Geometry from OrderKevin Knuth
2013ConlonPatrick  XThe Potential for High Resolution Microscintigraphy Using Polycapillary OpticsCarolyn MacDonald
2102HockKiel  XInformation Theory Applied to Parameter Inference of the Nuclear Resonance Absorption Lineshape of a Hydrated CrystalKeith Earle
2012MeyerJoshua  XConformal Field Theory and its Application to the Ising ModelOleg Lunin
2012AbbasHassan X Modeling of Megavoltage and Low Energy Focused X-ray Beams Using MCNP5Carolyn MacDonald
2012MahmoodHasan X Albany Particle Testing and Training Tower – A Prototype Particle Physics ExperimentM. Sajjad Alam
2012MalakarNabin X Autonomous Entropy-Based Intelligent Experimental DesignKevin Knuth
2012SchmitzRobert X Simulation of Polycapillary And Multichannel Plate X-ray OpticsCarolyn MacDonald
2011JohnsonDavid X Generalized Galilean Transformations and the Measurement Problem in the Entropic Dynamics Approach to Quantum TheoryAriel Caticha
2011LaBarberaStephanie X Nucleation, Wetting and Agglomeration of Cu and Cu-Alloy Thin Films on Metal Liner SurfacesT. S. Kuan
2011WuZhiyuan X PVD Cu Trench-Fill by Viscous Flow at High TemperaturesTS Kuan
2010BaduShyam X First Principles Investigation of electronic Structures and Associated Energy and Wave Function Dependent Properties of Biological Systems:  deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Oxyhaemoglobin.Tara Das
2010NathanBrian  XSpectral Analysis methods for Characterizing Organic Molecules in SpaceKevin Knuth
2010PinkRoger X The Energetic and Wavefunction Properties of Atomic, Molecular, and Solid State SystemsTara Das
2010ZhouWei X Application of X-Ray Diffraction to Material Analysis and Medical ImagingCarolyn MacDonald
2009KristensenRyan X Application and Extension of Glauber Ising-spin Dynamics in the Context of a Single Chain Magnet SystemJohn Kimball
2009MahatoDip X X-Ray Diffraction-Based Electronic Structure Calculations And Experimental X-Ray Analysis For Medical And Materials ApplicationsCarolyn MacDonald
2009SahooSantosh  Doubly Curved Crystal Optics for Monochromatic and Diffraction Enhanced X-Ray ImagingCarolyn MacDonald
2008BingolbaliAyhan X Curved Crystal X-Ray Optics for Monochromatic Analysis and ImagingCarolyn MacDonald
2008CafaroCarlo X The Information Geometry of ChaosAriel Caticha
2008DaltonStephen X Virial Coefficient Calculations for an Anyon Gas and a Quon gas, and an Anyonic Quon GasAkira Inomata
2008GiffinAdom X Maximum Entropy:  The Universal Method for InferenceAriel Caticha
2007LiuJian X Searching for Double Charm Baryon $\Xi_{ccd}\to \Lambda_{c} k \pi$ in the BABAR  ExperimentJesse Ernst
2007MuellerJustin X Effect Of Ultra-Thin Liner Materials on Copper Nucleation/Wetting and Copper Grain GrowthT.S. Kuan
2007PanBin X Search for Double Charmed Baryon $\Omega_ccs$Saj Alam
2006AhmedShamona  Study of Charmed Baryon $\Sigma_c$(2800) Production at the BaBar Experiment -2006Saj Alam
2006AliSaleem X Aspects of Nonlinear Conform-Affine Gravitational Gauge Field TheoryAkira Inomata
2006BulaRahmi X First Observation of an Exited Charm Baryon $\Omega^*_c$  decaying to $\Omega^0_c$ - Gamma at the BaBar ExperimentSaj Alam
2006FormicaSarah X Development of X-Ray Instrumentation for Characterizing Metastable Thin Film SemiconductorsSuzanne Lee
2006HornbeckMichael X Effects of Line Width and Liner Material on the Resistivity and Grain Growth of Copper InterconnectsT.S. Kuan
2006HussainAbrar X Potential Applications of Polycapilary Optics to Polarized Beam X-ray Fluoresence AnalysisCarolyn MacDonald
2006LiDanhong X Monochromatic X-Ray Imaging with Polycapillary and Doubly-Curved Crystal OpticsCarolyn MacDonald
2006SadiqMuhammad X Generalized Coherent States for Discrete And Continuous Dynamics and Their ApplicationsAkira Inomata
2006SiversNelson L. X Improving Confocal Microscopy With Solid-State Semiconductor Excitation SourcesSusanne Lee
2006ZainSamya B. X High Precision Measurements of the Mass, Intrinsic Width, Momentum Spectrum and the Branching Fractions of $Lambda_c(2880)+$ Decay Modes in the BaBar ExperimentSaj Alam
2005BaratNirmalaya X Primordial Magnetic Fields from the Variable Alpha TheoriesAkira Inomata
2004ThaikMyo X Generalized Coherent States and Quantum InformationAkira Inomata
2004JeongJunho X First-Principles Investigation of Electronic Structures and Properties of Impurities in Molecular Solids and Semiconductors: I. Muon and Muonium in Organic Ferromagnets II. Erbium in Silicon - Optoelectronic SystemT.P. Das
2004PatelZubin X Growth and Characterization of High Dielectric Constant Material for Nanoscale Device ApplicationsH. Bakhu
2004ScheicherRalph X The Role of Impurities in Molecular Solids and Siological Materials. First Principles Study of: I. Helium in Solid Hydrogen as an Obstacle for Efficiency of Muon Catalyzed Fusion, and II. Muon and Muonium in Proteins and DNA as Probes for Electron TransportT.P. Das
2004TsengChih-Yuan X The Maximum Entropy Method in Statistical Physics: An Alternate Approach to the Theory of Simple FluidsAriel Caticha
2003BianZailong X Integration and Compatibility Studies of SiLKTM Low-K Polymer Dielectrics with TA-Based Diffusion Barrier/Adhesion Promoter FilmsAlain Kaloyeros
2003LaBrakeScott M. X Glass Capillary X-Ray WaveguidesAriel Caticha
2003LaneSarah X Copper Diffusion Barrier Performance of Tantalum Nitride Films Deposited by the Chemical Vapor Deposition TechniqueAlain Kaloyeros
2003MailNoor X Monochromatic Beam Application in Medical Imaging and Materials AnalysisCarolyn MacDonald
2003PadiyarSumant X Integration of Amorphous Tantalum Silicon Nitride (TaSiN) Films as Diffusion Barriers in a Cu/SiLKTM Metallization SchemeRobert Geer
2003RenXiaotang X Ion Beam Study of Co-Doped Impurity Effects on Lattice Locations of Er in Si:ErMengbing Huang
2002KumarKaushik X The triangular voltage sweep method as a performance metric for diffusion barrier evaluation in copper metallizationAlain Kaloyeros
2002AnjumDalaver H. X Low Temperature Thermal CVD TiSiN Diffusion Barrier Films for Copper Interconnect ApplicationsSerge Oktyabrsky, Alain Kaloyeros
2002GrunowStephen   X Electrochemical Deposition of Copper for Gigascale Interconnect TechnologiesAlain Kaloyeros
2002SugiroFrancisca R. X Monochromatic Imaging Using Collimating Polycapillary X-Ray OpticsCarolyn MacDonald
2001AtharSyed Basit X Observation of Charmed Strange $\Omega^0_c$ Baryon in e+e- Collisions and First Observation of Charmed Strange Baryons $\theta^{+'}_c (c{s,u})$ and $\theta^{0'}_c (c{s,d})$M. Sajjad Alam
2001BarthKarl W. X Chemical Vapor Deposition of Cerium and Copper-Doped Strontium Sulfide for Applications in Thin Film Electroluminescent DevicesAlain Kaloyeros
2001Cari  X Polycapillary X-ray Optics for Medical Imaging ApplicationsCarolyn MacDonald
2001HuangHuapeng X Low Power Protein and Powder Crystallography Using Polycapillary OpticsWalter Gibson, Carolyn MacDonald
2001TopolAnna W. X Microstructure and Electroluminescent Performance of Chemical Vapor Deposited Zinc Sulfide Doped with Manganese Films for Integration in Thin Film Electroluminescent DevicesAlain Kaloyeros
2001WicklandHeidi L. X Integration of Polytetrafluoroethylene Low-k Dielectric Material in a Chemical Vapor Deposited Aluminum Metallization SchemeAlain Kaloyeros
2000BedellStephen W. X Blistering and Layer Transfer of Hydrogen Implanted CrystalsWilliam Lanford
2000HofmannFrank A X Polycapillary X-ray Optics for Macromolecular CrystallographyCarolyn MacDonald
2000IvanovaAna R. X The Mechanisms of Formation of Epitaxial Cobalt Silicide from Chemical Vapor Deposited Cobalt for Microelectronics ApplicationsAlain Kaloyeros
2000LauJanice E. X Structural and Compositional Investigations of Strontium Sulfide Based Phosphors for Thin Film Electroluminescent Display ApplicationsAlain Kaloyeros
2000LovelaceBrian X Microbeam Elastic Recoil Detection of Hydrogen and Deuterium with Applications in Transition MetalsRaymond Benenson
2000MirzaJawid M. X Processing and Performance of Reactively Sputtered Titanium Silicone Nitride Liners in Copper MetallizationAlain Kaloyeros
2000SutterEric X The Theory of Kossel LinesAriel Caticha
2000TaleviRobert X Development of an Al/0.5 wt. % Cu all-CVD Process with Results of Integration with Benzocylobutene (BCB) for the 0.25 mm Generation and BeyondAlain Kaloyeros
2000WapplerFrank Reiner X Measurement of Inclusive Production of A+c and Ec Baryons in B DecaysM. Sajjad Alam
2000Zambianchi Jr.Pedro X The Asymptotic Reciprocity Theorem in X-Ray ScatteringAriel Caticha
2000ZhuLi X An Analysis of Observation and GCM Simulations on Seasonal Cycle of Monsoon Climate in Southeast Asia and Tibet PlateauWei-Chyung Wang
1999Barcomb Jr.Francois Joseph X Wave Guides for X-rays and Neutrons: A Scalar ModelAriel Caticha
1999DoemlingMarcus F. X Investigation of Plasma Etching Processes in an Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactor and Development of a Low Energy Ion Beam SystemGottlieb Oehrlein
1999HernandezJoseph L. X Process and Mechanistic Studies of the Patterning of Al and Cu Thin Films for Multi-Level Metallization Structures by Chemical-Mechanical PlanarizationGottlieb Oehrlein
1999KastenmeierBernd E. X Remote Plasma Processing of Thin Film MaterialsGottlieb Oehrlein
1999KelseyJean E. X Chemical Vapor Deposition of Amorphous Tungsten Nitride for Applications in Ultra-large Scale Interconnect TechnologiesAlain Kaloyeros
1999MatsuoPeter J. X Plasma-Based Cleaning and Stripping for Semiconductor ApplicationsGottlieb Oehrlein
1999PujariMinakhi X First-Principles Investigation of Electronic Structure and Hyperfine Properties of Heme and Nitrosyl-Hemoglobin SystemsT.P. Das
1999SchaepkensMarc X Inductively Coupled Fluorocarbon Plasma ProcessingGottlieb Oehrlein
1999ShekhtmanAlexander X Heteronuclear NMR and Biochemical Studies of Archaeoglobus fulgidus Endonuclease III-DNA ComplexDr. Baxter, Dr. Cunningham
1999StandaertTheodorus E.F.M. X Mechanistic Studies on Plasma-based Patterning of Advanced Dielectric MaterialsGottlieb Oehrlein
1999WangHui X Analysis and Measurement of Polycapillary X-Ray Collimating Lenses for Medical ImagingCarolyn MacDonald, Walter Gibson
1998AlibertiKeith M. X The Theory of X-ray and Neutron Fabry-Perot InterferometersAriel Caticha
1998GoldbergCindy K. X Study of the Mechanisms of Silicidation from Inorganic Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposited Titanium FilmsAlain Kaloyeros
1998GopalakrishnanGowri X Theoretical Investigation of Hyperfine Fields in Fluoromethanes and Transition Metal OxidesT.P. Das
1998GubarevMikhail V. X Experimental Study of Polycapillary Optics for Hard X-ray ApplicationsWalter Gibson
1998KnorrAndreas H. X Studies of Gas Phase Reactions, Nucleation and Growth Mechanisms of Plasma Promoted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Aluminum Using Demethylethylamine Alane as Source PrecursorAlain Kaloyeros
1998LouIshing X In-site Study of Key Material and process Reliability Issues in the Chemical Vapor Deposition of CopperAlain Kaloyeros
1998MahmoodAkhtar H. X Observation of Several New Charmed Strange Baryon States at CESR-CLEO IIM. Sajjad Alam
1998PatiRanjit X Theory of Electronic Structures and Nuclear Quadrupole Interactions in Molecular Solids and Semiconductor SurfacesT.P. Das
1998RuegerNeal R. X Studies of the Effects of Fluorocarbon Depostiion and Etching on Silicon and Silicon Dioxide Etching Processes Using CHF3 in an Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactor and the Development of a Reactive Ion Beam System for the Study of Plasma-Surface Interaction MechanismsGottlieb Oehrlein
1998RussellChristine H. X Polycapillary X-Ray Optics for Hard X-Ray AstronomyWalter Gibson
1997BraeckelmannGregor X Adhesion Reliability in the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper for Ultra-Large Scale Integration Applications: Mechanisms and SolutionsAlain Kaloyeros
1997FaltermeierCheryl X The Inorganic Route to the Low Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition of TiN for Ultra Large Scale Integration Technologies: Process and Material Development and CharacterizationAlain Kaloyeros
1997FaltermeierJohnathan X Study of the Mechanisms and Development of Biased, Plasma-Promoted Chemical Vapor Deposition for Aluminum InterconnectsAlain Kaloyeros
1997GaoNing X Capillary Optics and Their Applications in X-ray MicroanalysisWalter Gibson
1997JosephEverette X Development and Application of an Interactive Cirrus Cloud Radiative Parameterization for Global Climate ModelsWei-Chyung Wang
1997LingZhichao X Study of Inclusive B decays to Hyperons Using the CLEO-II Detector at CESRM. Sajjad Alam
1997OwensScott M. X Development of Polycapillary X-ray Optics for Macromolecular CrystallographyWalter Gibson
1997SeveriniHorst X Measurement of Inclusive B Decays to the Charmed Strange Baryons [I]0c and [I]+cM. Sajjad Alam
1997WangLei X Polycapillary Optics for Hard X-RaysCarolyn MacDonald, Walter Gibson
1996CummingsKaren X The Effects of Relative Humidity and Airborne Pollutants on the Reaction Between Water and Glass: Applications to Historic Stained Glass WindowsWalter Gibson
1996KlotzkoIra X Investigation of Glass Polycapillaries for Use in Proximity X-ray LithographyWalter Gibson
1996LinSihan X Designing, Testing and Calibrating of a New Instrument to Measure Fluorescent Particles and Laboratory Preparation for Scaveging ExperimentsWalter Gibson
1996RaoSangeetha B. X Thermal Denaturation of Tissues - Quantification Using Magnetic Resonance ImagingWalter Gibson
1996RaoVibha X Structure and Function of Endo-b-N-acetylglucosaminidase HAriel Caticha
1996WangWei X Cu(Al, Mg, and Ta) Bilayer and Alloy Metallization for ULSIWilliam Lanford
1995D'SouzaMark X Part I: Quantum Manifestations of Classical Chaos in the Kicked Harper Model, Part II: Coherent Backscattering of a Scalar Wave Off a Rough SurfaceJohn Kimball
1995EisenbraunEric T. X The Physical Mechanisms of Hydrogen Interactions in the Chemical Vapor Deposition of CopperAlain Kaloyeros
1995Kardiawarman  X Multi-Fiber Polycapillary-Based X-ray Collimating Lens for X-ray DiffractionWalter Gibson
1995KuhnPeter X Structure and Function of PNGase FAriel Caticha
1995MasonDevon B. X Theory of the Reflection of X-rays by Multilayered Structures with Diffuse InterfacesAriel Caticha
1995NunesStacie Swingle X First Principles Investigation of Electronic Structure and Associated Hyperfine Properties of Fluorine Nuclei in Molecular, Elemental Semiconductor and Graphite Systems 
1995O'NeillJohn Joseph X Observation of Exclusive B Meson Decays to Final States Containing Charmed BaryonM. Sajjad Alam
1995OwusuAlfred X Investigation of Hyperfine Properties of Alkali-like Atoms and Ions with First-Principle Incorporation of Relativistic and Many-Body EffectsT.P. Das
1995RathBimal K. X Radiation Effects in Polycapillary X-Ray OpticsCarolyn MacDonald
1995UllrichJohannes B. X Studies of Monolithic Capillary Optics for Small Sample CrystallographyWalter Gibson
1995YuanXing X Relativistic Many-Body Perturbation Theory Investigation of Properties of Atomic Systems with Single Valence ElectronT.P. Das
1994AbreuCarmen Celeste X Investigation of Capillary X-ray Optics for Potential Use in MammographyCarolyn MacDonald
1994BittelDavid G. X X-ray Reflection From Thin Films with Rough Surfaces: Application to Kumakhov OpticsJohn Kimball
1994DingPei-Jun X Aspects of ULSI Metallization Copper Passivation and Interdiffusion on Al with Transition MetalsWilliam Lanford
1994HomanBarrie E. X Picosecond Time Resolved Phase Transitions in Silicon and Gold 
1994LiuYu X Electron Tomography of Biological Objects: A Study of the Tilt Series Alignment and the POCS Restoration of the Degraded ImageJoachim Frank
1994ShaoLing X Biophysical Studies of the Conformational and Functional States of the Mitochondrial Voltage-Dependent-Anion(Selective)-ChannelCarmen Mannella
1994ZhengBo X In-Situ Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Quadrupole Mass Spectroscopy Studies of Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper for Computer Chip MetallizationAlain Kaloyeros
1994ZoellerMichael Manfred X Inclusive Charmed Baryon A+c and Ec Production in B Meson DecaysM. Sajjad Alam
1993BarberChristopher J. X An Investigation of the Gettering Properties of Silicon-Germanium and Silicon-Carbon CompoundsJames Corbett
1993DoxtaderPatricia D. X Ionization Cross-Section and Kb/Ka Ratios for the First Transition Series Elements and CompoundsHassaram Bakhru
1993KorpasLevente X Theoretical Studies on Multiple Hydrogen Trapping at Shallow Dopants in SiliconJames Corbett
1993LiuJun X Studies on Hydrogen Aggregation Phenomena in Semiconductor SiliconJames Corbett
1993SchneiderScott Dudley X Chaos in a Water DropJohn Kimball
1993ShepardCarlton L. X Diffusion Studies of Metallizations for Contacts and Interconnects in Microelectronics - Platinum Silicide and CopperWilliam Lanford
1992CaiJun-Ming X New Path Integration Techniques and Their ApplicationsAkira Inomata
1992ChenDong X The Measurement of the Magnetic Moment of Sigma Plus Using Channeling in Bent CrystalsC.R. Sun
1992ChenLing X High Temperature Superconductivity in the Yttrium-Barium-Copper-Oxide System: Thin Film Growth, Grain Boundary Effects and Interlayer Coupling MechanismsAlain Kaloyeros
1992DavisJohn B. X Helium Microbeam Mixing of BilayersRaymond Benenson
1992FengAiguo X Growth and Characterization of High-TC Y1Ba2Cu3O7-X Superconducting Thin Films by Chemical Vapor DepositionWalter Gibson
1992HasebeMasami X Oxygen Precipitation Behavior in C2-Si WafersJames Corbett
1992KayedMohammad A. X Photoionization and Photoemission by the Standing-Wave Intensity of Dynamical X-ray DiffractionWalter Gibson
1992LanniThomas X Developing a Diode Array Spectrometer for Tropospheric Chemistry StudiesKenneth Demerjian
1992LiuWeiping X 3-D Variance of Weighted Back-Projection ReconstructionJoachim Frank
1992Suparmi  X Semi-Classical Quantization Rules in Supersymmetric Quantum MechanicsAkira Inomata
1992TanXiaoling X Manganese in Animals and in Plants: Pyruvate Kinase, Photosystem II and their Model Compounds Studied by Magnetic ResonanceCharles Scholes
1992WangPeining X Charmed Baryon Ac and Ec Production at (square root) s = 10GeV and Their DecaysC.R. Sun
1992YuanJian-Zhong X Study of Surface-Process-Induced Stress in Semiconductor SiliconJames Corbett
1992ZhangNengyu X A New Method of 3D Reconstruction and Restoration in Electron Microscopy: Least Squares Method Combined with Projection onto Convex Sets (LSPOCS)Joachim Frank
1991DoughertyRandy X Relativistic Many-Body Perturbation Theory of Hyperfine Interactions in Atomic Systems with a Single Valence Shell ElectronT.P. Das
1991GuoXiaowei X Electron Microscopic Studies of 2D Membrane Crystals of Mitochondrial Channel, VDACCarmen Mannella
1991OrtizCarlos Rafael X Hydrogen Defect Studies in Crystalline Silicone Using a Semiempirical Quantum Chemical MethodJames Corbett
1991PanigrahySurya Narayan X The Relativistic Study of Hyperfine Interctions in Ionic SystemsT.P. Das
1991RomeroVan D. X Determination of the Strong Coupling Constant as at 10 GeVM. Sajjad Alam and C.R. Sun
1991ZhangYing X Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Related Defects in SiliconJames Corbett
1990GuoXin Sheng X Studies of the Effects of Side Wals on VLSI Semiconductor DevicesWilliam Lanford
1990JonesPhillip Lawrence X An Investigation into the Etching Behavior of Silicon and Germanium in SF6-based, Dry Etching PlasmasJames Corbett
1990LiWei-Chuan X Measurement of B Meson Decay by Partial ReconstructionC.R. Sun, M. Sajjad Alam
1990LiuYajun X Magnetic Resonance of Mitochondrial Quinone and of Cytochrome C Peroxidase Compound I and Its Site-Directed MutantsCharles Scholes
1990LuoLi X Investigation of B-doped Si(III) Surface Structure and Metal Silicide Interface FormationWalter Gibson
1990DanieleCherniak X A Particle Accelerator Based Study of Major and Trace Element Diffusion in Minerals 
1989AngellDavid X Charge Collection Ion MicroscopyBruce Marsh
1989BerningPaul Reid X Particle Accelerator Based Studies of Electromigration and High TC SuperconductorsRaymond Benenson
1989Carpio-BernidoM. Victoria X Path Integral Approach to New Exactly Solvable Systems Without Spherical SymmetryAkira Inomata
1989Diaz de la RubiaTomas X The Structure and Dynamics of Energetic Displacement Cascades in Cu and Ni. A Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulation StudyR.S. Averback
1989LouXinchou X Baryon Production in B Meson DecayC.R. Sun, M. Sajjad Alam
1988FanChaoliang X EPR and Endor Studies of Bioenergetic ProteinsCharles Scholes
1988FusinaRobert A. X Resonant Excitations of High Energy Nuclei and Production of Coherent Radiation in Aligned Crystal TargetsJohn Kimball
1988HuangKe-gang X Application of Synchrotron X-ray Standing Waves in Surface and Interface StudiesWalter Gibson
1988MohabatraShashadhar Medinissingh X Application of Hartree-Fock Cluster Procedure for Study of Surface-Absorbed Atoms in Semiconductors and Muonium in CompoundsT.P. Das
1987Dell'AquilaJoseph R. X Tests for Parity and Charge Conjugation-Parity Symmetries of Particles by Sequential Decay ModesCharles Nelson
1987HasbunJavier Ernesto X Study of Local Enviornment Effects in AlloysLaura Roth
1987HornKevin Michael X Application of the p(15N,at) 12C Nuclear Reacion to the Study of the Bond Energy and Direction of Bound HydrogenWilliam Lanford
1987RoyJitendra Nath X Ab Initio Investigation of Electronic Structures and Associated Magnetic and Hyperfine Properties of Hemoglobin DerivativesT.P. Das
1987TanikellaViswanath X Charmed Meson Production in Electron-Positron Annihilation Around 10.5 GeVC.R. Sun, M. Sajjad Alam
1987ThundatThomas G. X Structural Investigations of Chemically and Electrochemically Deposited Metals on Silicon and Germanium SurfacesWalter Gibson
1986BorensteinJeffrey Theodore X Studies of Thermal Donors and Oter Defects in SiliconJames Corbett
1986FessehaSolomon X K Shell Ionization Cross Sections for Z=22 to Z=29 by Simultaneous Measurement of RBS and PIXE Using a 2 MeV Helium MicrobeamHassaram Bakhru
1986HaoYou Gong X Silicon and Germanium (III) Surface ReconstructionLaura Roth
1986SgangaAnthony Gerard X Study of Hydrogen Diffusion in Crystalline SiliconJames Corbett
1986WangPaul Weily X Studies of Oxygen, Hydrogen and Iron Defects in SiliconJames Corbett
1985DevBhupendra N. X Structural Studies of Chemisorption on Silicon SurfacesWalter Gibson
1985JinHan-sheng X The Applications of Channeling (Conventional and Transmission) in Surface and Interface StudiesWalter Gibson
1985PakHaeyong X Structural Ordering in Two Dimensions and Models of Ionic Transport: Application to Superionic ConductorsJohn Kimball
1985WijayawardanaRanjith Laxman X Application of a Crystal Septum to Replace a Magnet in a Charged Particle Beam and Study of Dechanneling and Feeding-In Effects in a Single Silicon CrystalC.R. Sun
1984GossmannHans-Joachim L. X Investigation of Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces by High Energy Ion Channeling: GaAs (110) and the SiGe SystemWalter Gibson
1984PisharodyMohanan X Radiation from Multi-GeV Positrons Channelled in DiamondC.R. Sun
1983LeiberichAndreas X Hydrogen Concentration Depth Profiles and Superconductivity in the Palladium Copper Hydride SystemW. Scholz
1983PrahJoseph Henry X Solar Cell Fabrication Studies Pertinent to Developing CountriesJames Corbett
1983VozzoFrank R. X Preferential Sputtering and Redistribution in Ion-Implanted Binary Metallic Alloys: Comparisons Between Linear and Non-Linear Cascade EffectsG. William Reynolds
1983WongRonald X Pion Interference Correlations in Pion-Nucleus Collisions at 10.5 GeV/cC.R. Sun
1982BedzykMichael J. X X-ray Standing Wave Analysis for Bromine Chemisorbed on SiliconWalter Gibson
1982HoRoger Chung Chor X Path Integral Analysis of the Hydrogen AtomAkira Inomata
1982BernidoChristopher Casenas X Geometric Gauge Unification of the Four Fundamental Interactions of Elementary ParticlesAkira Inomata
1982SahuSatya Narayan X Defects Studies in SemiconductorsJames Corbett
1982SalmanSalman M. X Deflections on High Energy Channeled Charged Particles by Elastically Bent Silicon Single CrystalsWalter Gibson
1982St. PetersMargaret X A Muffin-Tin Model Calculation of the Electronic Density of States of Liquid Copper in the Ishida-Yonezawa ApproximationLaura Roth
1981Karins Jr.James P. X Defects in SemiconductorsJames Corbett
1981KleinhenzRichard L. X A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Hydrogen- and High-Temperature-Related Defects in SiliconJames Corbett
1981MallickMahendra K. X Electronic Properties of Some Two Dimensional and Quasi-Two Dimensional SystemsS.T. Chui
1981OehrleinGottlieb S. X A Study of Defect-Interactions in Silicon Containing OxygenJames Corbett
1981PatelKshyamasil X Spin Waves in Mixed Magnetic AlloysLaura Roth
1981SommermannH. Michael X On the Evaluation of Folded Diagram Effective Interactions and the Microscopic Calculation of Dynamical Effects in Finite NucleiKeith Ratcliff
1981WilliamsGeorge O. X Phase Diagrams of Two-Dimensional Lattice Spin ModelsHarry L. Frisch
1980BurmanChandra Mohan X Lifetime Measurements of Some Excited States of 33S, 38Ar, 41K, and the First Excited State of 30P Using Doppler Shift Attenuation MethodHassaram Bakhru
1980Ochadlick Jr.Andrew R. X A Pulsed NMR Study of Proton Dynamics in Ammonium Beta and Ammonium-Hydronium Beta" AluminaHarold Story
1980PattnaikPratap X Electromagnetic Properties of Alkali MetalsT.P. Das
1980RaghunathanKrishnaswamy X Relativistic Many-Body Perturbation Theory - Application to Spin-Hamiltonian Parameters of Atoms and Ions with Half-Filled ShellsT.P. Das
1980RichardsonMartin Brian X Neutron Star Evolutionary SequencesHugh Van Horn, Keith Ratcliff
1979GerryChristopher X Electromagnetic Interactions in Relativistic Infinite Component Wave EquationsAkira Inomata
1979MunSeong Ki X Theory of Electronic Structures of Hemoglobin and Carbonic AnhydraseT.P. Das
1978DellRobert X Resonant Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation from Non-Spherical Optically Anisotropic Targets with Axial SymmetryE. Reilly Jr.
1978SinghVijay Awadesh X The Electronic Structure of Strongly Scattering Liquid and Amorphous Metals in the Muffin-Tin ModelLaura Roth
1978TavelJudith Fibkins X Statistical Properties of Particles Confined by Irregular SurfacesNorbert Rosenzweig, Keith Ratcliff
1977DutkiewiczVincent A. X High Resolution Study of X-rays Emitted from Gas Targets in Near Symmetric Collisions (Z~8)Nelson Cue
1977GoebelRonald William X Optical Heterodyne Measurement of Non-Coherent Sources in the VisibleDonald Schmalberger
1976BokhareeSaeed A. X Proton Resonance Spectroscopy in 6129Cu and 6329Cu And Correlation Studies of Primary n-waves in s-wave Resonance Proton CaptureJ. B. Garg
1976MargolisDouglas Price X Electromagnetic Scattering by Finite Conducting Circular CylindersC. L. Andrews
1976RelyeaLawrence J. X An Analysis of uvby Photometry and Electrographic vby Photometry of M15 and M71A.G. Davis Philip
1975MarguglioJack J. X Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Cr3+ Pairs in MgOY.M. Kim
1975PandeyMadhu Sudan X Study of High Resolution Neutron Total and Capture Cross-Sections in Separated Isotopes of Copper (63, 6529Cu)J. B. Garg
1975RaySurendra Nath X Study of Properties of Transition Metal Atoms and Ions by Many-Body Perturbation TheoryT.P. Das
1975SextonEarl H. X Measurement of the Polarization of Neutrons from (p,n) Reactions at Isobaric Analogue ResonancesRaymond Benenson
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