Experimental High Energy Physics

Professors Alam, Ernst and Jain

The high energy research group is a federally funded and active member of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Our current work includes studying the properties of the recently discovered Higgs-like boson, R-parity violating Supersymmetric models, Trigger software and algorithms, Phase-2 upgrade of the Inner Tracking system, and investigations of the material in the inner detector using a novel approach. We expect these efforts to remain the focus of our group's work for at least the next several years.

More detail on some of our ATLAS efforts can be found at atlas.atlas.albany.edu or on the official atlas page atlas.ch

Prior to 2008, we were active in the CLEO and BaBar experiments. Details on those efforts can be found here.

University Consortium for Linear Collider R&D