University at Albany

Physics Faculty

William A. Lanford
Professor of Physics
Ph.D. University of Rochester

Office: Physics 110
Telephone: (518) 442-2561

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Academic History:
  • B.S. Physics, University of Rochester (1966)
  • Ph.D. Physics, University of Rochester (1972)
  • Postdoctoral, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University (1971-1973)
  • Associate Professor, Assistant Professor of Physics, Yale University (1973-1979)
  • Joint appointment in Classics, SUNY Albany (1998-2002)
  • Professor, Associate Professor of Physics, SUNY Albany (1979-present)
Research Interests:

Research interests have concentrated on the physics of materials including: ion beam analysis, hydrogen in materials, use of copper for microelectronic metallization, ion beam modification of materials, effects of cosmic rays on electronic devices, physics analysis in art and archaeology, and novel application of ion beam analysis in atmospheric chemistry.

  • Over 250 research papers in refereed journals (16 of these papers cited more than 100 times each), including major advances in understanding the chemistry of glass surfaces, methods of ion beam analysis, role of hydrogen in various thin-film materials, effects of cosmic rays on microelectronics. Four of these papers published in Science or Nature.
  • Over 50 invited talks at national or international scientific meetings.
  • 6 patents issued.
  • 2 books (edited).
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship.
  • Member of Board of Directors, University at Albany Foundation, 2011-present
  • Semiconductor Research Corporation Inventor Recognition Award (1994, 1996, 1997)
  • University of Helsinki, Finland, "Medal of the University" 2003.
  • Nobel Committee for Physics and Chemistry of the Swedish Royal Academy, Guest Researcher.
  • President's Award for Excellence in Research.
  • Service on external review committees for Chalk River National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and University of Texas.

Continuous external research funding for the first 22 years at Albany

Albany Infrastructure Grants Received

  • Grant to upgrade University at Albany Accelerator (U. S. Army)
  • Arranged gift from IBM of Tandem Accelerator to Albany
  • Grant to advance undergraduate physics education at Albany (NSF, sole PI)
  • Proposal to create Center for Advanced Technology at Albany (NYS Science and Technology Foundation, principal author and Director)
  • Major Equipment Grant for High Resolution Spectrometer (NSF, sole PI)
Selected publications:

249. Investigation of atomic layer deposited beryllium oxide material properties for high-k dielectric applications. Donghyi Koh, Jung-Hwan Yum, Sanjay K. Banerjee, Todd W. Hudnall, Christopher Bielawski, William A. Lanford, Benjamin L. French et al. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 32, no. 3 (2014): 03D117.

248. Influence of hydrogen content and network connectivity on the coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal stability for a-SiC: H thin films. Sean W. King, Liza Ross, Han Li, Guanghai Xu, Jeff Bielefeld, Ryan E. Atkins, Patrick D. Henneghan, Kathleen Davis, David C. Johnson, and William A. Lanford. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 389 (2014): 78-85.

246. Ion Depletion Near a Solution Surface: Is Image-Charge Repulsion Sufficient? Ulrich K. Krieger, Maurus Hess, Thomas Peter, Antonella Rossi, Nicholas D. Spencer, and William A. Lanford. Physical Review Letters 111, no. 26 (2013): 266102.

245. Influence of network bond percolation on the thermal, mechanical, electrical and optical properties of high and low k a-SiC:H thin films. Sean W. King, Jeff Bielefeld, Guanghai Xu, William A. Lanford, Yusuke Matsuda, Reinhold H. Dauskardt, Namjun Kim et al. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 379 (2013) 67-79.

235. Bromine Enrichment in the Near-Surface Region of Br-Doped NaCl Single Crystals Diagnosed by Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry. M. Hess, U. K. Krieger, C. Marcolli, T. Huthwelker, M. Ammann, W. A. Lanford, Th. Peter, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switz. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (20) (2007) 4312-4321.

223. Hydroxylapatite and titanium: Interfacial reactions. Ergun Celaletdin, R. H. Doremus and W. A. Lanford, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 65A (2003) 336-343.

216. Rutherford backscattering to study the near-surface region of volatile liquids and solids. U. K. Krieger, T. Huthwelker, C. Daniel, U. Weers, Th. Peter and W. A. Lanford. Science 295 (2002)1048.

209. Investigation of Blistering and Layer Transferal of Hydrogen Implanted Si Crystals. S. Bedell and W. A. Lanford, Journal of Applied Physics 90 (2001) 1138.

203. Characteristics of Albany's Compact High Resolution Magnetic Spectrometer. W. A. Lanford, S. Bedell, S. Amadon, A. Haberl, W. Skala and B. Hjorvarsson, oral presentation at 14th International Ion Beam Analysis Conference, July 22-30, 1999, Dresden, Nuclear Instruments and Methods B161-63 (2000) 202

172. Thermal Annealing of Buried Al Barrier Layers to Passivate the Surface of Copper Films. P. J. Ding, W. Wang, W. A. Lanford, S. Hymes, and S. P. Murarka, Applied Physics Letters 65 (1994) 1778.

162. Oxidation Resistant High Conductivity Copper Films. P. J. Ding, W. A. Lanford, S. Hymes, and S. P. Murarka, Applied Physics Letters 64 (1994) 2897.

137. Definitive Determination of Hydrogen Content in a-Si by Infrared Spectroscopy and Nuclear Reaction Analysis. A. A. Langford, M. L Fleet, B. P. Nelson, W. A. Lanford and N. Maley, Physical Review B45 (1992) 13367.

132. Water Entry into SiO2 Glass During Slow Crack Growth. M. Tomozawa, W.-T. Han and W. A. Lanford, Journal of American Ceramic Society 74 (1991) 2573.

83. Sourcing Hudson Valley Cherts From Trace Element Analysis. R.D. Kuhn and W.A. Lanford, Man in the Northeast 34 (1987) 56-69.

65. Hydrogen Content of a Variety of Plasma Deposited Silicon Nitrides. R. Chow, W.A. Lanford, Wang Ke-Ming, and R. Rosler, Journal of Applied Physics 53 (1982) 5630.

56. Effects of Sea Level Cosmic Rays on Electronic Devices. J.F. Ziegler and W.A. Lanford, Journal of Applied Physics 52 (1981) 4305-12.

55. Higher Order Z1 Effects in Heavy Ion Stopping Powers and Ranges. J.M. Anthony and W.A. Lanford, Nuclear Instruments and Methods 186 (1981) 647-54.

38. Silver: "A Mineral of that Excellent Nature". W.A. Lanford, Silver in American Life, e.d. B.M. Ward and G.W.R. Ward, American Federation of Arts, New York, 1979.

37. Measurements of 10Be Distributions Using a Tandem Van de Graaff Accelerator. W.A. Lanford, P.D.Parker, K. Bauer, K.K. Turekian, J.K. Cochran, and S. Krishknaswami, Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis Aarhus, Denmark, June 25-29, 1979 and Nucl. Inst. and Methods 168 (1980) 505.

36. The Effect of Cosmic Rays on Computer Memories. J.F. Ziegler and W.A. Lanford, Science 206 (1979) 776.

32. Measurements of 10Be in Manganese Nodules Using a Tandem Van de Graaff Accelerator. J.K. Cochran, K.K. Turekian, S. Krishnaswami, K.A. Bauer, W.A. Lanford and P.D. Parker, Goephysical Research Letters 6 (1979) 417.

29. Hydration of Soda-Lime Glass. W.A. Lanford, K. Davis, P. LaMarche, T. Laursen, R. Groleau and R.H. Doremus, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 33 (1979) 249.

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5. Calculation for Allowed Beta-Decay in the (Od-ls) Shell . W.A. Lanford and B.H. Wildenthal, Phys. Rev. C2 (1973) 668.

4. Some Comments on the Cross Section of 37 Cl for Solar Neutrino Absorption . W.A. Lanford and B.H. Wildenthal, Phys. Rev. Letters 29 (1972) 606.

1. Seniority for Nucleons in j = 9/2 Orbits . W.A. Lanford, Phys. Letters 39B (1969) 213.