Here is a complete list of PhDs awarded by the department since 1998.

To summarize briefly: 18 of 21 found academic work after graduating. 11 of 21 secured tenure-track positions.

Although it is natural to be interested in numbers like these as a prospective graduate student, it should be noted that the sample size of actual graduates is still rather small. When students do not go on to academic work, do not find tenure-track positions, or find but leave tenure-track positions, they often do so for idiosyncratic reasons such as geographic or family preferences.

PhD job placement

1998: Worldly Thoughts: A Theory of Embedded Cognition (chair: Ron McClamrock)

1st position: University of Central Oklahoma, tenure track

Subsequent position: Castleton State College (VT), tenure track

2000: The Role of Intentions in Perceptual Demonstrative Utterances (chair: Ron McClamrock)

1st position: Nova University

Subsequent position: Western Illinois University, tenure track

2001: Explaining Consciousness: Naturalizing the Phenomenological (chair: Ron McClamrock)

1st position: Hunter College, tenure track

Subsequent position: Skidmore College

2002: Upward Collapses and Downward Explosions: The Emergence of the Problem of Individuation in Plato and Aristotle and the Solutions Proposed by Porphyry and Boethius (chair: Josiah Gould)

1st position: Adirondack Community College, tenure track

Subsequently tenured at same

2002:Understanding Moral Weakness (chair: John Kekes)

1st position: Sienna College

Subsequent position: College of Saint Rose

2003:Personal Identity and Moral Responsibility (chair: Josiah Gould)

1st position: adjunct teaching

Subsequent position: Oakland Community College, Oakland County, Michigan

2003:Autonomy in End-of-life Decision Making (chair: Bonnie Steinbock)

1st position: University of Toronto, post doc

Subsequent position: University of North Florida, tenured

2004:Leaving Morality Where It Is: The Particularistic Approach to Morality and the Problems of Contingency, Happiness, and Responsibility (chair: John Kekes)

1st position: Rogers State University, tenure track

Subsequent position: East Stroudsburg University

2005: Hegel's Response to Meta-critical Skepticism in the Phenomenology of Spirit (chair: Robert Howell)

Winner of University at Albany's 2005 Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation award

1st position: Union College

Subsequent position: Frostburg State University, tenure track

2006: Kant's Deduction of the Political Ideal (chair: Jon Mandle)

Winner of University at Albany's 2006 Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation award

1st position: Montclair State University, tenure track

Subsequent position: Ithaca College, tenured

2007: Paul Horwich on Truth and 'True' -- with Particular Consideration of the Generalization Problem (chair: Brad Armour-Garb)

1st position: Bennington College

subsequent position: Washburn University

2008: Empirically Grounded Metaphors in Science (chair: P.D. Magnus)

position: Supreme Headquarters for Allied Powers in Europe high school, Belgium; teaching chemistry and philosophy

2008:Mental Causation: A Nonreductivist Perspective (chair: Ron McClamrock)

1st position: College of Southern Nevada, now tenured at same

2009: Proactive Procreation: The Ethical Implications of New Genetic Technologies on Parental Obligations to Future Offspring (chair: Bonnie Steinbock)

1st position: post-doc fellowship in neuroethics at Dalhousie University

subsequent position: Michigan Technological University, tenure track

2010: Resolving Incomparability (chair: Rachel Cohon)

1st position: Bryant and Stratton College

2013: The I think, Self-awareness, and Reflexivity -- a Reconstructed Kantian Model of Self-awareness (chair: Robert Howell)

1st position: Southeast University, Nanjing, China, tenure track

2013: Illusion in the Commonplace: Reinterpreting Ernst Gombrich's Concept of Illusion (chair: Robert Howell)

1st position: Burlington College, Vermont

2013: The Case for Character: A Reply to Situationism (chair: Rachel Cohon)

2013: Phronesis After Situationism (chair: Jason D'Cruz)

2013: Why the Basic Structure is Basic: a defense of the doctrinal autonomy of political philosophy (chair: Jon Mandle)

1st position: Siena College

2014: Motives, reasons, and morality (chair: Rachel Cohon)

2104: Locke's Theory of Justified Resistance: An Explanation and Defense (chair: Jon Mandle)

2104: Democracy, Political Externalities, & the Labour-Process (chair: Kristen Hessler)