This is a list of some of the graduate students in the department.

Chris Andreski
Education: B.A. Philosophy, Music, University at Oneonta, SUNY
M.A. Philosophy, University at Albany, SUNY
Interests: In terms of the history of philosophy, my main interests lie in the movements of German Idealism and Husserlian/Post-Husserlian phenomenology; and, in terms of general philosophic problematic, aesthetics and the philosophy of music (particularly the thought of Theodor Adorno), philosophy of mind/psychology (especially as applied to psychoanalytic theory), and metaphysics.
e-mail: andrcr11 at

Gunnar Babcock
Education: B.A. Sarah Lawrence College; adjunct faculty, University of Anchorage Alaska, Matsu
Interests: Ancient philosophy, history of philosophy and environmental ethics (particularly agricultural)
e-mail: gbabcock at

Joseph Bissonnette
e-mail: jbissonnette at

Mark Brennan
Education: B.A. Philosophy, Political Science, James Madison University; M.A. Philosophy, Boston College.
Interests: Ancient Philosophy, particularly Aristotle; Virtue Ethics; Theory of Value
e-mail: mcbrennan at

Christopher Caulfield
Education: B.A. Philosophy, University at Albany, SUNY
Interests: Bioethics, metaethics, metaphysics, Kantian ethics, Aristotelian ethics, environmental ethics
e-mail: lvchris at

Justin Chiarot

Alfredo G. Cid (Freddy)
Education: B.A. Economics (Minor-Business & Spanish) UAlbany (SUNY); M.A. Philosophy & History, Queens College (CUNY); M.B.A. Finance, Nyack College; M.P.S. Urban Studies, Nyack College
Interests: History of Philosophy (Hellenistic Period); Epistemology (American Pragmatism); Social and Political Philosophy (Latin American Fascism)
e-mail: ac972876 at

Darleen Cieply
Education: B.A. Philosophy and English, University at Albany, SUNY
Interests: moral psychology (in particular integrity and self-deception), adaptive preference, virtue ethics, theories of personal identity, bioethics (autonomy, patient consent, and research ethics), feminism, existentialism (DeBeauvoir), philosophy of time, promising and truth-telling, ambivalence, and Hume’s practical reason
e-mail: dcieply at

Jordan Corner

James Cryster

Colin J. Donnaruma
Education: B.A. Philosophy, Government, Hamilton College
J.D. (Constitutional Law & Civil Rights) Albany Law School
Interests: political philosophy, metaethics, philosophy of law, and epistemology.
e-mail: cdonnaruma at

Sarah Eade
Education: B.A. Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University
Interests: metaphysics, idealism, phenomenology
e-mail: swing6shot at

Sydney Faught
e-mail: sfaught at

Daniel Feuer
Education: B.A. Sonoma State University; M.A. Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder
Interests: Political Philosophy, Global Justice, Applied Ethics, Normative Ethics
e-mail: daniel.a.feuer at

Nicholas Jacobson
e-mail: ncjacobson at

Natasha Karablina

Tyler Kirk

Michael Knoll
e-mail: mk855142 at

David Krueger
Education: B.A. Philosophy, History, Simpson College
M.A. Philosophy, Northern Illinois University
Interests: Hume, history of philosophy, metaphysics, logic
e-mail: dk637751 at

Kara McLuckie

Wes McMichael
Education: B.A. The Master's College
MAT Fuller Theological Seminary
M.Div. Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
M.A. (all but thesis), California State University, Dominguez Hills
Ph.D. Candidate, University at Albany, SUNY
Interests: bioethics, applied ethics, virtue ethics, environmental ethics
e-mail: wesmcmichael at

Erjus Mezini

John Milanese
Education: B.A. Philosophy and Economics, St. Lawrence University
Interests: epistemology and philosophy of science, philosophy of logic
e-mail: johnrmilanese at

Kevin Olbrys
Education: B.A. Philosophy, Binghamton University
M.A. Philosophy, University of New Mexico
Interests: ancient philosophy, especially ancient metaphysics, epistemology and logic.
e-mail: kolbrys at

Susan M. Parrillo
Education: B.A. Philosophy, Skidmore College
Interests: applied ethics - particularly environmental ethics, metaphysics and epistemology - particularly Plato and Kant, existentialism, and philosophy of religion.
e-mail: chefrow at

Nicholas Partyka
Education: B.A. Philosophy, State University of New York at Oswego
Interests: marx, socialism/anarchism, philosophy of history, existentialism, the philosophy of participatory economics
e-mail: np181856 at

Marius Pascale
e-mail: mp633575 at

Leahanna Pelish
Education: B.A. Political Science, Philosophy, Union College
Interests: Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law Environmental Ethics, Human Rights and Global Justice, Feminism, and areas of Bioethics.
e-mail: lpelish at

Wilsinia Quizphi
Education: B.A. Philosophy and English (concentration in British literature); M.A. Philosophy The New School for Social Research
Interests: German Idealism, phenomenology, Hegel, history of philosophy, existentialism, psychoanalysis, deconstruction, feminism (most especially French feminism), intersectionalism, reproductive ethics, and social philosophy
e-mail: wquizhpi at

Dustin Reidy

Erica Shaw
e-mail: eshaw at

Thomas Skowronek

Rudy Stegemoeller
Education: B.A. Philosophy, Haverford; J.D., Duke
Interests: Everything, but I'm working on narrowing that down.
e-mail: rudysteg at

Jennifer Tillman
e-mail: jt299363 at

Toan Tran
e-mail: ttran at

Christopher Valencia
Education: B.A. Philosophy, Hofstra University
Interests: Hume, epistemology, philosophy of mind
e-mail: cv488271at

Kathleen Whipple
Education: B.S. Studio Art, Southern Connecticut State University
M.A. Women's Studies (concentration: philosophy), Southern Connecticut State University
Interests: bioethics (especially genetic enhancements), virtue ethics
e-mail: igofi13 at

Scott Wolcott

Ellena Young
Education: B.A Philosophy / Pre-med, Seattle University
M.S Bioethics (focus in Clinical and Research Ethics, and Health Policy), Union Graduate College/Mount Sinai School of Medicine: The Center for Bioethics and Clinical Leadership
Interests: Bioethics, Philosophy of Mind, Neuroethics, personal identity theory, neuroanatomy/neurophysiology and moral responsibility, neurophenomenology, cognitive neuroscience, The Consciousness Continuum, and the ethical and moral issues of Alzheimer's Disease, advanced dementia, and cognitive impairment. Plus, existentialism and phenomenology (specifically, the philosophical writings of: Kierkegaard, Derrida, Levinas, Gadamer and Merleau-Ponty).
e-mail: eb627532 at

William Young
Education: B.A. Philosophy & Sociology, Manhattan College
Interests: Heideggerian Philosophy, Charles Taylor, Existentialism - particularly DeBeauvior, Nietzsche and Dostoevsky
e-mail: byoung at