Campus Committee on University-Community Engagement

In January 2010, President George Philip and Provost Susan Phillips launched the Campus Committee on University - Community Engagement, noting:

"The creation of the Committee is a major step recommended in the action plan on community engagement released this fall. The overall goal is to build on UAlbany's distinctive strengths in engaged research, teaching and service for the greater benefit of UAlbany and our partners. The involvement of university faculty, staff and students with diverse communities is a valued part of our institutional identity—whether involving school-based initiatives in the region or collaborative research with governments and businesses across the globe.... The Committee will improve the flow of information and ideas and increase opportunities for greater impact."


Co-Chair: Robert Bangert-Drowns, Dean, School of Education (the academic co-chair will rotate annually)

Co-Chair: Miriam Trementozzi, Associate Vice President for Community Engagement, President's Office

Pierre Alric, Member, University Council

Robert Andrea, Jr., Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Peter Bloniarz, Dean, College of Computing and Information

Katharine Briar-Lawson, Dean, School of Social Welfare

Ray Bromley, Vice Provost for International Education

Mary Casserly, Dean and Director, University Libraries

James Dias, Vice President for Research

Nic DePaula, Representative, Graduate Student Organization

Sue Faerman, Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education

Donald Faulkner, Director, New York State Writer's Institute

Patrick Ferlo, Director, Performing Arts Center

Susanna Fessler, Chair, University Senate and Professor, Department of East Asian Studies, College of Arts&Sciences

Thomas Gebhardt, Chair, Committee on University-Community Relations, Division of Student Success

Catherine Herman, Vice President for Communications and Marketing

Kathleen Gersowitz, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (representing CAS with Daniel Wulff)

Timothy Groves, Professor, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Eric Lifshin, Immediate Past Chair, University Senate

Lee McElroy, Vice President for Athletic Administration and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Mary Ellen Mallia, Director of Environmental Sustainability

Diana Mancini, Assistant Dean, School of Criminal Justice; Alternate: Alan Lizotte, Dean, School of Criminal Justice

Tamra Minor, Assistant Vice President and Director of the Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action

Philip Nasca, Dean, School of Public Health

Sanjay Putrevu, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, School of Business

Loretta Pyles, Director, Community and Public Service Program and Associate Professor, School of Social Welfare

Janet Riker, Director, University Art Museum

Bill Roberson, Director, Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership; Alternate: Kimberly Van Orman, Instructional Consultant

Fardin Sanai, Vice President for University Development

Lee Serravillo, Jr., Executive Director, University at Albany Alumni Association

Betty Shadrick, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Director of Graduate Student Diversity

David Rousseau, Interim Dean, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy

Daniel Wulff, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Arts&Sciences (representing CAS with Kathleen Gersowitz)


Anette Lippold, Program Assistant, President's Office and graduate student, History Department, College of Arts&Sciences

Other campus leaders who are partcipating in working groups (as of June 7, 2010):

Carl L. Anderson, Associate Athletics Director, Department of Athletics and Recreation

Anthony Cresswell, Deputy Director, Center for Technology in Government and Associate Professor, Educational Administration and Information Science, School of Education

Joseph Bowman, Jr., Service Associate Professor, Dept. of Educational Theory and Practice, School of Education, and Director of the Center for Urban Youth and Technology 

James Butterworth, Executive Director, Capital Area School Development Association, School of Education

John Delano, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, College of Arts&Sciences

Richard Hamm, Chair, Department of History, College of Arts&Sciences

Janine Jurkowski, Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior, School of Public Health

Theresa Pardo, Director, Center for Technology in Government and Associate Research Professor of Public Administration and Policy, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy

Lawrence Schell, Director, Center for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities and Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Arts&Sciences

Gregory Stevens, Assistant Dean, College of Arts&Sciences and Director, University in the High School Program