New Student Orientation:

At Orientation, you will see, learn and do everything you will need before the first day of classes! 

Complete Orientation participation is required for all new degree-seeking undergraduate students. During Orientation, students will meet with their academic advisor and complete their course registration. Course registration is not finalized until students have met with an advisor. During Orientation, there will be current UAlbany students, faculty, academic advisors, and other staff members available to assist students and families with their college transition.

All incoming students are required to pay a New Student Programs Orientation fee. This fee covers all costs associated with Orientation as well as resources available to students during the academic year.

“Every interaction felt personal, and the Orientation process got me more excited about actually starting school.” – UAlbany Student

How To Reserve Date?

  1. Pay your admissions deposit.

  2. Set up your NetID and password.  This information will be sent to your personal email after you pay your deposit.

  3. After May 1st Visit the Welcome Website at, and follow the steps to register for Orientation. Here you will find a check list with all the steps that new students need to complete before coming to campus, including Orientation! 

  4. On the Orientation section of the Welcome Website you will be given clear instructions on how to log into the Orientation reservation system and how to reserve a date.

When can I come? Orientation Dates – 2015

  1. For a full list of the date available for transfer Orientation please visit our registration site by follwoing the steps on the welcome website:
  2. Orientation availability is always changing and may differ for each student based on: a student's admissions classification; major/college; and who has already registered before the student. Therefore, the dates available to you will automatically populate when you log into the Orientation reservation website.

When and Where to Report:

More detailed information about when and where to report for your Orientation will be sent to your UAlbany Mail email account upon submission of your Orientation Reservation.

To Do Prior to Your Orientation Day:

  • • Read and print out the Orientation confirmation email, Orientation Map, and Parking Pass.
  • • Review New Freshman Advisement Information found in the Choosing Classes section on the Welcome Website. Then submit your Course Request Form according to the instructions.
  • • Submit a SUNYCard ID Photo through the Welcome Website.
  • • Complete all steps on the Welcome Website to ensure a smooth transition to the UAlbany community.

Orientation Fee:

All incoming transfer students are required to pay a Transfer Student Orientation fee of $100. Family members that choose to attend the Family Orientation Program are also required to pay a Parent Orientation fee of $25. These fees cover all costs associated with Orientation as well as resources available to students during the academic year. The fee can be paid on beginning on May 1st.

The Student Orientation fee is not dependent on attendance at Orientation. If a family member pays the Family Orientation fee and then does not attend the Orientation program, a refund can be requested by contacting New Student Programs.

Parents, Family, & Guests:

Family members and guests are welcome to attend New Student Orientation. Typical topics covered are: academic environment and academic support programs, on-campus living, counseling and health services, financial aid and billing, and information from the Parent Liaison. Students should register expected guests on the Orientation registration.

Family members will follow a separate schedule of events. Because of the nature of the program, it is not appropriate for anyone except family members, parent/guardians or spouses to attend as a guest. Friends or siblings are not allowed to accompany students.

Parents and Family can also register for the UAlbany TIPS program to receive on-going UAlbany updates.



Transfer Students Should Bring:

  1. Photo ID- Students will need this to get their SUNYCard.
  2. Temporary Parking Permit - Display this on your dashboard if you plan to drive to Orientation, available in the confirmation materials sent to your UAlbany email address. 
  3. Campus Map - Available in the confirmation materials sent to your UAlbany email address.
  4. Confirmation Materials - The materials in your confirmation email will have a lot of useful information that will help you at Orientation.
  5. Clothing - Comfortable, informal, weather appropriate clothing and footwear. A significant amount of walking is necessary to participate fully in the program.
  6. Meals - Lunch is provided for students as part of their Orientation fee. Parents/family members are able to purchase meals at several locations on campus.
  7. Your NetID and password. 
  8. Your Questions and Enthusiasm!

What will happen during Orientation?

Faculty, academic advisors, professional staff and student Orientation Assistants are excited to meet and guide you and your group throughout your Orientation. During this time, you will: attend information sessions covering academic requirements, the academic and social environment on campus, and what it takes to be successful at Albany; meet with your academic advisor to finalize course selection; receive your student ID card; meet and get to know your classmates.

Is there a Family Orientation program?

Parents and family may opt to attend a family orientation that is scheduled concurrently and separately from the student program. You may wish to review the tentative parent orientation information found on the Parent section of our website.  Please note that parents may not attend the student orientation program. Due to the student's schedule, there will not be time for significant interaction between family members and students until you are ready to depart from campus.

What do I need to prepare/complete before coming to Orientation?

• Review and complete the New Freshman Advisement Information found under "Choose Your Classes" on the Welcome Website.
• Submit a SUNYCard ID Photo through the Welcome Website.
• Activate your MyUAlbany and University email accounts and memorize your Net ID and password.
• Write down all your questions so that you remember to ask them.
• Additionally, be certain you have completed each step included on the Welcome Website at

I want to register for classes. Can I do so at any time?

Course registration for Transfer students varies based on academic department. During Orientation you will have the opportunity to sit down one on one with an advisor to plan your academics.  Additional information about course selection can be found on the Welcome Website in the "Choosing Classes" section.

Can students stay on campus the night before or after Orientation?

Yes, there are overnight accommodations available on the night before your orientation on a first come basis. Apartment style accommodations are available on Empire Commons. These feature air conditioning and full size beds, but there is no phone or TV in the apartment. Towels, linens and blankets are provided. Starting June 1, you may call (518) 956-6250 for more information and reservations. The cost is $50/bedroom.

What if I can't make it in the summer?

You are strongly urged to attend Orientation in the summer when University staff can focus their attention on new students.  Students who attend orientation in the summer are better prepared for a successful start to the school year. They meet with their advisor and become acquainted with the campus, its community and services, faculty, staff and classmates in a relaxed summer environment. However, if it is impossible for you to attend a summer program, you should select one of the August Orientation dates when you fill out your registration. 

What should I bring to campus in the fall?

Please see the Residential Life What to Pack page for details on what to bring to campus when you move in.