Orientation Assistants
Applications will be available on January 20th and
are due by February 10th at 5pm.


The Orientation team plays a vital role in helping new students adjust to our campus community. Orientation Assistants (OAs) go above and beyond to welcome students and families to the University at Albany.  To do this, they create a welcoming and informative environment and serve as a resource for new students and their families.

All Orientation Staff attend Orientation Leadership Training.  This leadership training provides OAs with the necessary skills and experience to assist new students and their families during the summer and throughout their first year experience.  Orientation Assistants support the mission of New Student Programs by preparing new students and their families to:

  • -identify campus resources, traditions, and ways to contribute to the UAlbany    community.
  • -engage with university faculty, staff and current students.
  • -plan for academic success by setting personal and educational goals.
  • -describe behaviors that promote personal and community rights and responsibilities.
  • -demonstrate respect for the diversity of their campus community.

In total, 20 Orientation Assistants will be hired and assigned one the following specialties:

14 Group Leaders: responsible for leading and mentoring new students during their Orientation (including student group activities, presentations and skits).  

6 Office and Family Leaders: responsible for staffing the Orientation office and participating in aspects of the family Orientation program (including leading walking and bus tours).


All Orientation Assistants:
  1. Possess a positive attitude, high energy level, and knowledge and enthusiasm for UAlbany.
  2. Exhibit leadership potential, professional demeanor, strong work ethic and willingness to accept responsibility.
  3. Display good teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  4. Demonstrate respect for the diverse UAlbany community and exhibit a desire to work well with a diverse group of students, staff, faculty, administrators, new students and new family members.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to problem solve, take initiative, and manage conflict.
  6. Have a working knowledge of University resources.


All Orientation Assistants must:

  1. Be matriculated University at Albany undergraduate students who are currently enrolled and will attend UAlbany in the fall 2014 semester.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 at the University at Albany.
  3. Be in good judicial standing (no active judicial sanctions at the University).
  4. Be available to participate in the application and interview process (see calendar below).
  5. Be available to participate in all training sessions, orientation programs during summer 2014 and academic year 2014-2015.
  6. Be available to students and family members at all times once they are on campus during the summer Orientation program.  This includes freshmen overnight programs.  
  7. Be free of outside commitments to organizations, employers, and or classes during June and July of 2014 (unless given prior permission from the Director of New Student Programs).


Orientation Assistants play a vital role in helping new students adjust to our campus community. To do this, they create a welcoming and informative environment and serve as a resource for new students and their families.

Assistance to new students and families:

  1. OAs will welcome new students and family members to the University and assist them in the initial orientation registration and check-in. Specific tasks are assigned to each OA per session.
  2. OAs will assist in the implementation of specific programs for summer orientation and work with students and families throughout the summer.
  3. OAs will serve as a role model and facilitator to new students and families during small and large group settings.
  4. OAs will serve as a source of information regarding academics, policies and procedures, campus services, activities, building locations, and all other aspects of life at UAlbany.
  5. OAs will conduct small group meetings and discussions for new students and family members.
  6. OAs will represent all University organizations to the best of their ability to new students and their families.
  7. OAs will assist college advisors and representatives, in order to help students understand the registration process.
  8. OAs will send group communications to new students or family members during the fall 2014 semester to continue to foster student and family connections. The frequency and content of these communications will be based on guidelines provided by the New Student Programs staff.
  9. OAs will engage in reflective assessment activities throughout their term of employment to provide feedback about their experience, knowledge, skills, development etc.
  10. Each OA must stay in his/her own room the night before and the night during an orientation session. Overnight guests are not allowed to stay with OAs during this time.

Administrative Duties

  1. OAs will work individually and collectively to help each other perfect skills in program presentations, facilitate small group discussions, perform skit lines, and maintain a welcoming environment.
  2. OAs will work to increase each other’s knowledge of the University’s and New Student Programs’ goals, academic and social programs, personnel resources, and facilities.
  3. OAs will design and construct all necessary program materials to successfully present aspects of summer orientation programs (i.e. skits, floor and office decorations, etc.).
  4. OAs will assist with administrative tasks during Orientation as delegated by New Student Programs staff. These tasks will include, but not be limited to: assisting with late check-in, placing and collecting directional signs, distributing and collecting participant evaluations, assisting with program presentations, attending the various programs during each Orientation session, making signs, placing labels on materials and assembling nametags, running errands, assisting with Orientation parking, cleaning out storage closets after sessions, etc.
  5. OAs will assist with other duties related to the Office of New Student Programs as assigned.

Great Dane Beginnings – Opening Weekend

  1. OAs will attend and assist with the Candlelighting ceremony, Explore UAlbany, and other welcome initiatives as assigned.

Great Dane Beginnings – First Year programs

  1. OAs will attend and assist with New Student Programs tabling and programs as assigned.


Spring 2014 Semester

  1. Two Sunday evening training sessions
    • March 30th 6:00-9:00pm
    • April 27th 6:00-9:00pm
  2. Volunteer opportunities
    • Campus Clean Up
    • Cookie Day

June and July

  1. Full time commitment
  2. Three week student leadership training and preparation
  3. Eight Freshmen Orientations
  4. Five Transfer Orientations
  5. Includes evening responsibilities


  1. Part time commitment
  2. One Freshmen Orientation
  3. Two Transfer Orientation
  4. Support for Opening Weekend Activities

January 2015

  1. Part time commitment
  2. One Freshmen Orientation
  3. Two Transfer Orientation


  1. Stipend of $2,400 for work from approximately June 5 – August 5.
  2. Free room and board during Training and Summer Orientation (approx. June 5- August 5).
  3. Hourly pay ($9.00 per hour) and meal compensation for fall and January Orientations.
  4. 2 credits if you are enrolled in community service class and participate in 60 service hours throughout the fall semester with New Student Programs.


All applications must be submitted on MyInvolvement.org by February 10th before 5:00 pm.

How to apply:

1. Complete the application form located on MyInvolvement (add link). 

2. As part of your application, you will need to upload the following:   

-Cover Letter – Be sure to:       

  1. Introduce yourself to the New Student Programs staff.       
  2. Describe the role of an Orientation Assistant and what make you uniquely qualified for the position. 
  3. Give examples of how you plan to engage new students and families throughout the fall 2014 semester.   

-Resume – Be sure to include:       

  1. On and off campus job experience.       
  2. Leadership responsibilities.       
  3. Organizations and student activities in which you have participated   

-Reference page - Provide three professional references with phone and email contact information.

3. Sign up for a Group Interview.  As part of the application you will sign up for a group interview.  Group interviews will take place between February 12 - 14, in Steinmetz Hall on State Quad. 

Orientation Assistant Application Process: 2014 Calendar

January 20th
Orientation Assistant Applications Go Live www.MyInvolvement.org

January 27-30th,

Talk to representatives from New Student Programs!

January 27th - Alumni Quad dining hall
January 28th - Dutch Quad dining hall
January 29th - Indian Quad dining hall
January 30th - State Quad dining hall
January 30th - Colonial Quad dining hall

February 4th,
General Interest Meeting
LC 25

February 10th,

Deadline to submit applications.
February 12-14th

Group Interviews
Steinmetz Hall, State Quad

February 19th
Applicants notified via email whether or not they will be granted an individual interview
February 24th -
March 3rd
Individual interviews for those applicants selected to continue
March 7th
All applicants notfied of final application status
March 13th
Deadline to accept position
 March 30th,
Training Session 1
 April 27th,
Training Session 2
 June 7th
Orientation Assistants move into summer housing on State Quad
 June 8th
Summer Leadership Training begins



"Can I work a second job or take summer classes?"

The Orientation Assistant position is full-time including some evening responsibilities. Working a second job or taking classes is prohibited without approval from the Director.

"Is there any required experience?"

No! Staff member selection is based on a student’s ability to communicate, work well with others, and relate to new students, among others. Staff will receive training on all the information necessary to perform as an Orientation Assistant.

"What if I don’t know anyone applying?"

No problem! If selected, you will quickly make friends with the other members of the Orientation team.  

Have another question?

Email the New Student Programs staff at Orientation@albany.edu and they will get back to you as soon as possible!


Here it from an OA!

Yvette Boafo

Orientation Assistant, Group Leader, Summer 2012
Orientation Assistant, Office Leader, Summer 2011  

“I had the pleasure of working for orientation for two summers; the first as an office leader and second as a group leader. I have met some great people through the process and I gained skills that will help me in my future endeavors. I used to be shy and quiet; however orientation helped me develop the confidence I needed to be an efficient leader. It was more than just a summer job, being an OA was an experience I will never forget. Hands down the best summers of my life!


Steven Valentine

Orientation Assistant, Group Leader, Summer 2012

"Orientation is something special because you get to bond with new students and they get to bond with you. Students are able to participate in an unique experience at Orientation and get pumped up for the upcoming semester and the rest of their time at the University at Albany. I would recommend being an Orientation Assistant to anybody at the University at Albany!"

Sophie Whalen

Orientation Assistant, Group Leader, Summers 2011 and 2012

"The past two summers have been some of the best summers of my life thanks to Orientation. Orientation was not just a job, but an experience.  My fellow orientation assistants became my family and together we created memories I will treasure for years to come. Through orientation I learned more about the University and from this knowledge I discovered new ways to get involved and give back to the University.  Orientation also helped me become more confident in my role as a leader and improved my public speaking skills which will be helpful in my future career as a teacher.  Staying in Albany for the summer, I realized how much there was to do in the capital region! I would encourage anyone who’s looking for a fun and rewarding summer in the capital to apply for orientation!"