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Three Poems by Robert Klein Engler.



Wind from the blizzard makes
the rocking chair on the porch
rock. Think nothing of it--
just the ghost of summer.





The locomotive steam bursts into the night
like a vagrant ghost that leaves in flight.
Far away, the clouds of childhood drift above.
Now I see the love I did not know was love.




(ten cinquains)

The heart
goes out to search.
The heart will trip and fall,
but still runs after--waving like
a child.

Some eyes
are deep oceans.
In them we are pulled down.
Lift me, because I don't know how
to swim.

Sage. Rosemary...
Time. Flesh to flesh embraces.
No matter, then. We had our own

The bus window
is all wet with diamonds.
Now they scurry down--bright little

Gone far away.
The train speeds through gray rain
and foreign streets that shine like black

flash a warning.
They drive south on Harlem,
led by a sedan of flowers.
Just wait.

A wind
makes ripples on
the pond--are they lips or
lashes--hard to tell, not far from
his grave.

tick-tock, tick-tock.
A wind slams the shutter.
The dream of being together breaks.

Some men
stare into space
and see wounds everywhere.
Other men by a grace see wounds
and words.

The heart
reaches and then
opens, you know, like a
door into a bright room that is

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