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A journal for poetry, criticism, reviews, stories & essays.

  Editor: Ricardo Nirenberg
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Happy holidays to all with new fiction from Offcourse authors:


Both from Blaurock Press, Kitchener, Ontario (Canada)



Issue #32, December 2007.


Issue #31, September 2007.


Issue #30, Spring 2007.


Issue #29, Winter 2007.

  • Five Poems by John Amen
  • Three Poems by Christoper Barnes.
  • Three Poems by Janet Buck.
  • Three Poems by Chris Crittenden.
  • Three Poems by Claudia Grinnell.
  • "Take Me To Your Leader", satire by Nelson Eshleman.
  • "Silver Queen", a short story by Miriam Kotzin.
  • "Those So Blue Ivories", a short story by Ed Lynskey.


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