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Issue #60, March 2015.

From the editors:

100 is a decimal landmark, fit to make our hundredth issue the occasion for celebrating; that, however, should happen about ten years from now, and we may not be here to enjoy it. babylonian number symbols So we have settled on 60, a number no less distinguished, since it was the basis for numeration in Old Babylonian (1,800-1,600 B.C.) mathematical and astronomical tablets, and it still survives in our circumference of 360 degrees, each degree containing 60 minutes and each minute 60 seconds, and similarly with our hours.  We celebrate, then, this sixtieth issue of Offcourse by openly rejoicing in the talents and the variety of our contributors, both those who, having long lost their bearings, have accompanied us on and off, and those who are newcomers.  We rejoice, too, at our growing presence in the Web.  We never imagined, back in 1998, that it would be so much fun.

Congratulations to Louis Armand on his new book of poems, Indirect Objects, published in 2014 by Vagabond Press, Sydney. ISBN 9 781922 181182.