The Albany Common Council: 1686-1994

     In the spring of 1999, Professors Robert Dykstra and Ivan Steen of the University at Albany led a graduate research seminar on the history of the Common Council of the City of Albany. The City of Albany received its charter in 1686, and the Hall of Records in Albany preserves the minutes of each Council since that time, providing an incredibly rich resource to trace the development of organized urban life from when Albany was a Dutch-speaking fur trading post huddled on the Hudson River to the modern era. Each student presented his or her paper to the current Common Council members and other interested members of the (as the 1686 Charter calls them) "Commonality" at the City Hall in May and June of this year.

     Soon, another eight articles spanning from 1686 to 1982 will be presented here. These articles will be illustrated, but not have large multi-media content.

The Albany Common Council in the Era of the American Revolution: 1774-77 by Edward Knoblauch
The Albany Common Council from 1929 through 1945 by Candice Knight
The Albany Common Council from 1983 through 1994 by Heather Mitchell