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By (October 6, 2008)

Leading Breast Cancer Expert Featured at UAlbany Day

Breast cancer researcher JoEllen Welsh
JoEllen Welsh studies Vitamin D and breast cancer. (Photo Mark Schmidt)
October 6, 2008 - For more than a decade, JoEllen Welsh has focused her research efforts on Vitamin D and breast cancer. She will discuss her research with her talk, Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention, at UAlbany Day on Saturday, Oct. 25.

"Here at the Gen*NY*Sis Center for Cancer Research, we are studying the behavior of breast cancer cells, so that we can develop more targeted, more effective ways to fight the disease," Welsh said. "We are also working to develop nutritional strategies to prevent cancer development."

Studies have shown that individuals with low Vitamin D status have an increased risk for many types of cancers, including breast cancer. Welsh and her colleagues, who have studied how Vitamin D acts on cancer cells, have demonstrated that breast cancer cells have protein receptors for Vitamin D. Upon binding Vitamin D, these receptors trigger breast cancer cells to stop growing and to undergo a cell death process. Their studies have demonstrated that Vitamin D treatment can induce established breast tumors to regress.

UAlbany Day activities will highlight the richness of the University's academics, student success, and campus life to the community at large, prospective students and parents, and UAlbany alumni. The day's activities include tours, a Farmers' Market, a basketball scrimmage, a tailgate party and the Homecoming football game against St. Francis University (Pa.).

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