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Experts Advisory: Vice Presidential Candidates and Party Conventions

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Political Science Professor Joseph Zimmerman
Political Science Professor Joseph Zimmerman
ALBANY, N.Y. (August 18, 2008) -- University at Albany faculty experts discuss vice presidential candidates and party conventions during Election 2008 coverage.

Who Will McCain, Obama Choose? Speculation is building over presidential nominees' vice presidential choices. Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are getting close to naming their respective running mates. But who will they choose? Who are the front-runners? How will their choices impact the election? Political Science Professor Joseph Zimmerman can offer insight into the slate of vice presidential choices and impact of Obama and McCain's eventual running mates.

Party Conventions -- Are They Strategic Affairs? Many voters see the conventions as the end of the primary season and the unofficial kick-off of the presidential campaign. What impact do they have, if any, on voters? What can voters expect from the conventions? Michael Malbin is a professor of political science who specializes in campaigns and elections (especially the role of money in politics) as well as the politics of the U.S. Congress.

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