Faculty Experts

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Victor Asal

Victor Asal
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy
Associate Professor
Department: Political Science

Expert in the following:
Campus phone: (518) 591-8729
Campus email: vasal@albany.edu

Richard Lachmann

Richard Lachmann
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Sociology
Department: Chair

Expert in the following: Sociology of culture; popular culture; political sociology; war and terrorism; fiscal crises; U.S. decline; military spending
Campus phone: (518) 442-4661
Campus email: r.lachmann@albany.edu

Tomek Strzalkowski

Tomek Strzalkowski
College of Computing and Information
Associate Professor
Department: Computer Science

Expert in the following: Information intelligence and tracking information about terrorists
Campus phone: (518) 442-2608
Campus email: tomek@csc.albany.edu