Faculty Experts

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Expert in the following:
Campus phone: (518)
Campus email:

Andi Lyons

Andi Lyons
College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Theatre

Expert in the following: Theatrical design and technology; lighting design; women in theatre; technology; drafting for the theatre (hand and computer-aided); gay and lesbian issues in the theatre workplace.
Campus phone: (518) 442-4210
Campus email: andi@albany.edu

Sandor Schuman

Sandor Schuman
Department: Center for Policy Research

Expert in the following: Collaboration; group facilitation; consensus building; conflict management; interpersonal communication; group dynamics; team building; running meetings; organizational storytelling
Campus phone: (518) 442-5889
Campus email: sschuman@albany.edu

David Shaffer

David Shaffer
University at Albany
Senior Fellow
Department: Rockefeller Institute of Government

Expert in the following: Economic development; higher education; workforce development
Campus phone: (518) 443-5284
Campus email: dshaffer@albany.edu

Noah Simon

Noah Simon
University Offices
Department: Office of Career Services

Expert in the following: Career analysis; assessment and options identification; design of individualized career development plans; creation of marketing materials, including resume and cover letters; interview training and salary negotiation
Campus phone: (518) 437-4927
Campus email: nsimon@albany.edu