Lara Kaye

Examines barriers to food stamps, child psychiatric services, depression and gender, nutrition and nutritional education and hope and educational achievement

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Lara Kaye

Assistant Research Professor
School of Social Welfare
Department: Social Welfare

Mental health; mindy-body connection; program evaluation

Campus phone: 591-8615
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Kaye's research interests span a number of social science disciplines including health, behavioral health, education, public health, social work and psychology. Her research portfolio includes studies on barriers to food stamps, the need for child psychiatric services, depression and gender, depression and physical activity, nutrition and nutritional education, hope and educational achievement, implementation of reading programs, social work field satisfaction, and coping skills and learning.

She is skilled at quantitative and qualitative analysis. She has coordinated and facilitated large events, written and received grants, developed and presented trainings, published in peer-reviewed journals, and presented at national and international conferences.