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Faculty/Staff News

UAlbany Women’s Group to Identify Programming Needs
by Alison Olin (November7, 2003)

The Council of Women’s Groups/Women’s Concerns Committee is seeking input and information on areas that might be of concern to women. We are interested in women’s experiences and needs related to the current campus climate and are distributing a survey to all women employed by the University. As members of the women’s community at UAlbany, we feel a woman’s viewpoint may differ from that of male counterparts. Participation in this study is voluntary — you are not required to answer any question(s) with which you are uncomfortable. Your responses are vital to this purpose and your confidentiality is assured. The committee will not reveal any of your answers or reveal the fact that you participated in the survey.

The survey will be announced in Today@UAlbany and will be available on the Web, and via e-mail or hard copy. Results of the survey will be used by the joint councils to develop future programming (examples: stress reduction and/or sexual harassment workshops, etc.) and/or resource materials. We recognize that faculty/staff have already been asked to respond to a Spring 2003 survey on race relations, but we wish to go forward with this study that targets women only from a wider range of job titles.

Questions may be directed to ALISON OLIN at extension 2-3898 or



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