Indicators of the Terrorist Attack Cycle-Basic

Indicators of the Terrorist Attack Cycle-Basic (ITAC-B) is intended to provide the emergency response and intelligence community as well as other appropriate individuals with an opportunity to develop basic observational skills that, when coupled with appropriate and timely information sharing, could prevent a terrorist attack on a domestic target. The two-day, instructor-led course, is designed at the awareness level and is scenario-based. It actively engages students in interactive discussions and activities. Students will explore the various phases of a terrorist attack using realistic scenario-based discussions and activities. Students will be able to compare and contrast scenario-based discussion with real-life case studies. An essential element of the course is the discussion and reinforcement of the need for timely and appropriate information sharing with government and law enforcement agencies through field intelligence officers (or similar positions), Joint Terrorism Task Forces, and related systems.

Topics Include:

    • Initial Planning and Target List
    • Initial Surveillance and Target Selection
    • Surveillance
    • Rehearsal
    • Attack
    • Escape and Exploitation