IED Dynamics for Analysts

IED Dynamics for Intelligence Analysts is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) for Intelligence Analysts and Investigators to assist in the execution of their duties. The course will cover a brief history of the use of IEDs and their evolution as a terrorist attack weapon. This course will also familiarize analysts and investigators with the various types, components, and attack methods of IEDs. The course presents discussion based scenarios that will guide analysts through the attack cycle in relation to the IED manufacturing process and allow them to identify points of observable activity that can be communicated to emergency responders. Students will also be exposed to a Home-Made Explosive (HME) laboratory in order to facilitate discussion on IED dynamics pertaining to the attack cycle.

Topics Include:

  • ED Dynamics
  • History
  • Categories of IEDs
  • Attack methods
  • Discussion Based Scenarios
  • Identifying information gaps
  • IED manufacturing and the attack cycle
  • Target selection
  • Home-Made Explosive Laboratory