Emergency Vehicle Defensive Driving Course

Across all disciplines in the emergency services, vehicle operation-related incidents represent some of the leading causes of on the job injuries and fatalities. These incidents can occur regardless of the situation, while operators are responding to calls, arriving on scene, or returning to home station.

The Emergency Vehicle Defensive Driving Course is a unique drivers' training program designed to meet the needs of vehicle operators in New York State's diverse emergency response community. The course presents safe emergency driving techniques that are applicable to all responders, regardless of their mission or the type of vehicle they operate.

Subject Matter Expert instructors (SME-instructors) will lead classroom discussion on legal guidelines for operating emergency vehicles, effective driving habits and techniques for accident avoidance, and best practices for safely responding to emergency situations.

Topics Include:

  • Classroom Discussion
  • Defensive Driving for emergency responders
  • Legal elements of emergency vehicle operations
  • Preventative maintenance, inspections, safety
  • Common causes and prevention of emergency vehicle accidents

  • Skill Development Lanes
  • Basic skills/turns course
  • Medium speed skill course
  • EVOC
  • Highway Response Course