EMS Special Situations

EMS Special Situations provides training for emergency medical services (EMS) providers to respond to requests for service involving circumstances often not encountered during response. These incidents include multiple patients, physical hazards, and difficult operating environments, among others. Such special situations require that EMS providers use basic skills under pressure.

This training is designed to reinforce correct application of basic emergency medical skills while developing advanced techniques through discussion, skill lanes, and scenario-based learning. Students will learn and practice skills relating to hemorrhage control and patient movement with instructors evaluating students' proficiency.

Instructors will also present a basic overview of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) to help students focus on scene safety and types of care appropriate for given situations. This discussion frames how students will approach both skill lanes and the scenario-based activities they will experience later in the course.

The complex scenario-based activities in this course are generally atypical in many local jurisdictions and necessitate that EMS providers practice skill implementation under stress. This training is designed to reinforce application of basic skills, while incorporating new concepts such as TECC that can improve response in special situations.

Topics Include:

    • Establishing a Baseline: Scenario-Based Activities
    • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
    • Hemorrhage Control and Patient Movement Skill Lanes
    • Managing Special Situations
    • Rapid Assessment and Initial Care Skill Lane
    • Scenario-Based Activities