Critical Decision Making During Crisis

Critical Decision Making (CDM) During Crisis is designed to provide public officials and management personnel with tools to help them overcome the obstacles to effective decision making during daily activities and crises.

On a daily basis, state and local public officials (including elected officials and state and local administrative/management personnel) are required to make decisions regarding issues, policies, and operations. Within the context of homeland security, these officials are required to render decisions in circumstances that necessitate critical decision making related to crises that affect the safety and security of the citizens for which they are responsible.

During protracted high-consequence events, these decision makers are placed under a great deal of physical and mental stress. An effective decision maker maintains the ability to balance this stress, facilitate group process, and select the course of action, from a myriad of alternatives, to best address the situation at hand.

In this course, students explore the decision-making process for daily activities and crises through discussions, problem-solution situations, and modified table-top activities.

Topics Include:

  • Critical-thinking and individual decision-making processes
  • Group dynamics and critical decision making
  • Information sharing during crisis
  • Stress and critical decision making
  • Building an effective decision-making organizational environment