NCSP Spotlight: Training & Project Management Section

April 1, 2014

The Training & Project Management Section (T&P) is at the heart of NCSP's mission to develop and deliver high quality training for professionals in homeland security and emergency services.

Members of T&P are exceptional individuals with the ability to take a training need and realize it through research, curriculum development, and close work with subject matter experts (SMEs) and NCSP administration. T&P collaborates with SMEs across the nation to cultivate its extensive training program, and routinely attends courses at the NY State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) to assist and observe the deliveries. Their ability to infuse creativity with strong work ethic has immensely benefitted the training developed by the Center.

"Working with the NCSP staff in developing and delivering world-class training has been an invaluable experience that has contributed significantly to my professional capabilities and the growth of the organization."

- Brandon Kennedy

T&P's collegial atmosphere has promoted a true team approach in training development. Throughout the day employees and student assistants are constantly moving about the building, bouncing ideas off of each other and begging the question: how can we do this better?

This hunger for knowledge has led to the professional mentorship through the in-service series, which has been well-received.

Students are essential to T&P, bringing fresh ideas to the table and applying what they've learned in academia to our real-world context. Dave Figueroa, SUNY Albany BA '13 and projected Rockefeller College MPA '15, had this to say about his beginnings at the NCSP:

"My first day at the internship was actually in the field as opposed to the office. The organization was sent to Oriskany, New York to the State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) to deliver the Advanced Active Shooter course (A2S2). Many of the NCSP staff stated that I was 'in for a treat' and 'there is no better day to start than today.' My first day was interesting to say the least and I found it to be very important because it not only allowed me to see how the operations are run but also how the work I would be completing in the office would be utilized in the bigger picture."

"Overall I am very satisfied with internship experience; it has exceeded far beyond my expectations and I have gained more experience and knowledge of a field that I am very interested in for my future career than I could have ever hoped to obtain. "

- Dave Figueroa

Through training development and professional development, T&P staff is ever expanding the "bigger picture" that Dave mentioned. Whether researching an emerging national concept such as TECC, or thinking about which activities might help students achieve objectives in the course, to learning about how to manage relationships with experts in the field, T&P is constantly on the move.