NCSP Launches Professional Development Speaker Series

May 2, 2014

The National Center for Security & Preparedness (NCSP) in partnership the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) launched its Professional Development Speaker Series on April 23, 2014, hosting Jaime Daley, Assistant Director of the New York State Office of Counter Terrorism as the inaugural speaker.

The NCSP Speaker Series is designed to host professionals from the first responder, emergency management, and homeland security communities to facilitate an open discussion and provide students and faculty with the opportunity gain a deeper understanding of relevant professions and policy issues. As part of its ongoing effort to bridge the gap between academia and practice, the National Center for Security & Preparedness seeks to attract an audience of both students aspiring to work in the homeland security enterprise and faculty that are interested in engaging with experts across the field.

During the one-hour meeting, students, faculty and staff from Rockefeller College, the School of Criminal Justice, and the NCSP received a thorough overview of the roles and responsibilities of NYSDHSES Office of Counter Terrorism, its position in the intelligence community, its functions encompassing Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR), and emergency management.

"Jaime Daley was very informative, especially for current MPA students interested in the homeland security field. It was valuable to hear from a successful Rockefeller graduate who had taken similar courses to current students. It also provided me with knowledge about different ways to break into the industry and broadening my resume in order to do so. I look forward from hearing from other Rockefeller graduates in similar fields."

- David Figueroa, Rockefeller Student

Throughout the discussion, Mrs. Daley answered questions related to internship opportunities and professional development. Additionally, Mrs. Daley discussed pathways to careers in the intelligence community and how the MPA program at Rockefeller College prepared her for career with NYSDHSES. Students also had the opportunity speak one-on-one with Mrs. Daley and several analysts from her staff that attended and engaged participants throughout the presentation.

The event was a success in providing students with the opportunity to network and engage senior leadership from the homeland security community. The NCSP will continue its Professional Development Speaker Series throughout the summer and academic semesters with the next event in June. For more information and to register for future events, please visit our website.