EVOC Instructor School: August 11-22, 2014

September 8, 2014

The SPTC/NCSP concluded the EVOC Instructor School that ran from August 11-22. 30 students from various emergency service agencies successfully completed the rigorous 80-hour course. These students will return to their respective agencies equipped to provide emergency vehicle training to new recruits at training academies and to seasoned personnel during in-service and refresher training.

Subject Matter Expert Instructors Steve Rawson (right) and Sam Jess (left) provide coaching and mentorship to students on the SPTC's Emergency Vehicle Operations Track.

Future EVOC instructors listen to presentations by their cohort. A major component of the course was how to prepare a lesson plan and deliver presentations on a wide-range of topics related to emergency vehicle operations.

SPTC/NCSP SME Instructors watch as future EVOC instructors measure and setup skill courses for emergency vehicle training.

One of the highlights of the 2-week course occurred on Wednesday August 20 when Future EVOC Instructors were given the opportunity to coach each other on runs through the Road Course during various stages of low light and night conditions. A sudden rainfall provided new challenges and realism to the 1.6 mile course that are not always available for students training at the SPTC.

With the EVOC Instructor School wrapped up, the SPTC/NCSP team of Subject Matter Experts and staff are preparing to expand the offerings of emergency vehicle safety courses at the SPTC. Currently under development are courses on trailer towing, ATV/UTVs, and snowmobiles. Interested agencies should contact the SPTC at or (315) 768-5689 for more information.