Trailer Towing for Emergency Responders Pilots at the SPTC

November 6, 2014

16 students from the Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) and several other state and local agencies participated in the pilot delivery of the Trailer Towing for Emergency Responders course on October 17.

SPTC/NCSP Instructors led classroom discussions on topics ranging from tow vehicles and trailer mechanics to the changes in vehicle dynamics while hauling a load. Discussions were followed by hands-on instruction on how to properly inspect and hookup a trailer.

The majority of the day was spent on the SPTC's EVOC Track where students negotiated several challenging skill courses that included backing exercises, serpentines, and avoiding obstacles in the road, all with a trailer in tow.

The SPTC/NCSP team and staff will further develop the course curriculum and materials over the winter. A full slate of deliveries is being planned for 2015. Interested agencies should contact the SPTC at or (315) 768-5689.