Emergency Vehicle Defensive Driving: In-service training

May 27, 2014

On May 19-20, 2014 Subject Matter Expert Instructors from the NCSP/SPTC with the Emergency Vehicle Defensive Driving program participated in an in-service training to sharpen skills and exchange best practices for teaching first responders from diverse backgrounds. The SME team includes emergency vehicle operations instructors from law enforcement, fire, and EMS. The in-service was an opportunity to prepare for a full delivery schedule this summer and fall.

"The training gave all instructors the opportunity to experience hands on driver training with EMS vehicles including proper storage of equipment and securing occupants inside," said James Trottier, NCSP/SPTC SME Instructor. Trottier is a retired NYS corrections officer and part-time sheriff's deputy in Washington County. "All instructors will be able to assist one another during future deliveries."

Since April, the team has led efforts at the SPTC to identify new training areas on the EVOC track for skill courses. This has expanded the center's capacity to train students in emergency vehicle operations.

In addition to EVDD, the NCSP/SPTC will be hosting an EVOC Instructor School from August 11-22. Interested agencies should contact the SPTC at or (315) 768-5689 for more information.