NCSP Senior Research Associate Steve Sin delivers North Korea Intelligence webinar

September 3, 2013

On Saturday, August 3rd, NCSP's resident international security expert, Steve Sin, presented a webinar for the Intelligence Section (G2) of the 75th Training Command of the United States Army Reserve stationed at Ellington Joint Reserve Base, Houston, Texas. The topic of the webinar was North Korea and the discussion focused on North Korea's current political, economic, and military situations. Requested by the 75th Training Command, the webinar was conducted to support the Command's ongoing intelligence training and support missions in the United States Pacific Command (PACOM) and Korea Areas of Operation.

After the training, Colonel Schneider, 75th Training Command's G2 said, "The presentation was excellent, and Mr. Sin's insights were invaluable. We've had extensive discussions afterwards as we reassessed our understanding of our area of operations. We very much would like to establish a regular relationship with Mr. Sin and the National Center for Security & Preparedness for similar training events in the future to train our other intelligence teams located throughout the PACOM and Korea Areas of Operation."

Steve Sin is currently a Senior Research Associate at the National Center for Security Preparedness (NCSP) and he heads the Center's Policy, Intelligence, Exercises, and Simulations Section. Fluent in all three major Northeast Asian languages (Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese), Mr. Sin is an expert in Northeast Asian regional security issues, to include: North Korean leadership, foreign policy, armed forces, and nuclear proliferation; South Korean foreign policy; Inter-Korean politics; ROK-US relations; and Korea-Japan-China relations. Aside from being a member of the NCSP team, Mr. Sin is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in political science with a dual concentration in international relations and comparative politics at the University at Albany (SUNY).