New SPTC Field Operations Building Provides Exciting Opportunities for Enhancing Scenario-Based Training

29 January, 2013

The NY State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) has recently completed construction on its Field Operations Building (FOB). The FOB promotes enhanced capabilities and flexibility in the design of functionally-integrated, high-end, scenario-based training at the SPTC. The building boasts:

  • Marked garages for police, fire, and EMS vehicles;
  • An Emergency Department entrance with an overhang attached to a flex space;
  • State-of-the art training areas and classrooms; and
  • Office facilities to support the building�s day-to-day operation.

The FOB will act as a hub for training involving the SPTC�s emergency vehicle operations course (EVOC) facilities and scenario venues, providing a central starting point and command center for all first responder groups. The vehicle staging facilities support integrated and separate dispatching of law enforcement, EMS, and fire responders to a scene. The flex space attached to the emergency department entrance can be adjusted to scenarios of varying size, scope, and complexity.

The NCSP and SPTC are currently incorporating the new facility in training development and updates. For example, during the Advanced Active Shooters Scenario: Tactics & Operations Course (A2S2: T&O) scenarios, instructors will dispatch students from the FOB to create a clearer distinction between traditional active shooter response and the LE/EMS task force approach the course advocates for larger, Mumbai-style attacks. In future deliveries of the EMS: Special Situations Course, students will dispatch from the FOB to the scenarios. Teams already on-scene will be able to call for backup, which will be standing by at the FOB. The FOB enriches the scenarios through instructor design and adaptation, improving the training experience through added realism and functionality.

The FOB and the training opportunities it advances signify a substantial step forward in the NCSP and DHSES�s efforts to build the SPTC into a world-class, functionally-integrated training center. Completion of the facility occurs as crews begin work on the SPTC�s new Cityscape, which will also provide unique opportunities for high-end training in the future.