EMS in the Spotlight: EMS Triage and MCI Management

24 April, 2013

On April 18-19th, 2013, the National Center for Security & Preparedness (NCSP) and the New York State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) delivered the EMS Triage and Multiple Casualty Incident (MCI) Management course.

Recent events, such as the Boston Marathon bombing, highlight the need for high-end scenario-based training for EMS. Considering the limited resources and large number of victims to be treated, the EMS community can never be over prepared for responding to an MCI. The EMS Triage and Multiple Casualty Incident Management course is intended to train EMS providers to be ready for these difficult situations.

The course arms EMS providers with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to and manage a multiple casualty incident. Students learn principles and practices of triage, scene management, communications, and coordination through a combination of classroom discussion, skill development lanes, and scenario-based activities. By the end of the two-day course, students have responded to 11 MCI scenario-based activities � more than most EMS providers will see in a lifetime.

EMS Triage and MCI Management is part of a wider effort by the NCSP and SPTC to develop and deliver training for the EMS community. EMS courses currently in development include EMS High Threat, EMS for Active Shooter Situations, and Tactical EMS. These courses will join EMS Triage and MCI Management, EMS Special Situations, and Advanced Active Shooters Scenario: Tactics & Operations Course (A2S2: T&O) on the list of EMS courses offered at the SPTC.