US DHS Approves the Advanced Active Shooters Scenario: Tactics & Operations Course

August 8, 2013

On May 28th, 2013, the US Department of Homeland Security's National Training and Education Division approved the Advanced Active Shooters Scenario: Tactics & Operations Course (A2S2 T&O) for regular delivery at the New York State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC). The approval comes after extensive course development with subject matter experts, pilot deliveries, and a stringent third party review process.

A2S2 T&O is a rigorous course combining skill and knowledge development with functionally integrated, scenario-based training rooted in the 2008 synchronic terror attacks in Mumbai. The course is intended to help law enforcement officers, EMS providers, and bomb technicians prepare for an attack by well-trained and coordinated terrorists using firearms and IEDs against responders at multiple targets within a jurisdiction or region. The performance-based training is conducted over 2.5 days within various realistic training venues at the SPTC.

As part of the ongoing effort to develop and deliver high-end scenario-based training, the NCSP, in support of the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES), has enhanced the realistic training environment of A2S2 T&O through the introduction and utilization of SimCell operations, live role players, a special effects program including moulage and make-up, and improvised explosive device (IED) simulators.

In addition, A2S2 T&O has been developed over the past year to continually reinforce communication and close working relationships that the varying disciplines must foster during an integrated response. During the most recent delivery, students of all 3 disciplines were collectively engaged in discussions, demonstrations, and skill lanes that emphasize combining first responders from varying disciplines to operate in teams and taskforces.

With US DHS course approval, the A2S2 is slated for regular delivery as part of the SPTC's federally approved course schedule.