Music Materials and Placement Tests

AMUS 100 Placement Test
Music Theory Placement Test

Music Program Requirements for:

General Program
Music Minor
Composition, Musicology, or Theory
Vocal Performance

UAlbany's Alma Mater (sung by the Chamber Singers)
College of the Empire State (music and lyrics to UAlbany's Alma Mater)

UAlbany's Fight Song (sung by the Earth Tones)
Purple and Gold (music and lyrics to UAlbany's Fight Song)

Materials for Professor Robert Gluck's courses:

AMUS 426: Music Composition in Electronic Media I
AMUS 426 Syllabus
Freeware & Shareware Audio Applications
Lars-Gunnar Bodin, "Some Observations by an EAM Practitioner"
Julio d'Escriván, "Sound Art (?) on/in Film"
Robert Gluck, "The Nature and Practice of Soundscape Composition"
Morris notes (Bob Gluck)
Roy A. Prendergast, "The Aesthetics of Film Music"

AMUS 427: Music Composition in Electronic Media II
AMUS 427 Syllabus
Freeware & Shareware Audio Applications

AMUS 451 AAFS 451/551: Jazz, Identity and the Human Spirit
AMUS 451 AAFS 451/551 Syllabus

David Borgo, “Negotiating Freedom: Values and Practices in Contemporary Improvised Music”
Carl Clements, “John Coltrane and the integration of Indian concepts in jazz improvisation”
James C. Hall, "Mercy, Mercy Me” (excerpt)
William J. Harris, “'How You Sound??: Amiri Baraka Writes Free Jazz”

George E. Lewis, "Experimental Music in Black and White: The AACM in New York, 1970-1985"
George E. Lewis, “Improvised Music after 1950: Afrological and Eurological Perspectives"
Emmett G. Price III, "The Development of John Coltrane's Concept of Spirituality and Its Expression in Music"