t is not an overstatement to say that printmaking activities in our region and in that of others as well are the direct result of Thom O'Connor's thirty-seven years tenure at the University at Albany.

Students formerly under his tutelage now occupy positions in printmaking departments on a number of college and university campuses across America. While at the University at Albany, they learned to master the complex technical intricacies of the printmaking process and inherited the technical explosions in the medium of the 60s and 70s. While being mentored through the discipline with its ever-changing esthetic uses by 20th century artists, Professor O'Connor's students also mastered yet another skill—perhaps his greatest legacy—that of Teacher.

Talk to any number of former students, themselves now part of the professorate of their own campuses, and they will tell you of the stable base this honored teacher gave to them as they pursued their own careers.

Congratulations Thom. We are delighted to host this exhibition of your latest work and look forward to your future exhibits.


Marijo Dougherty
Director, University Art Museum