Mumford Staff

The Director of the Mumford Center is Nancy Denton, Distinguished Professor of Sociology.  Samantha Friedman is our Associate Director and Associate Professor of Sociology.  Christine Young provides administrative services. Jin-wook Lee is manager of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) group and Kadriye Vargun is Web Programmer for both Mumford center and CSDA.

Two assistants work with the Urban China Research Network: David Chunyu and Yue Zhuo (Angela) are doctoral students in Sociology.  

Other doctoral students in Sociology working on Center research projects include Ilir Disha and Brian McKenzie.


Contact information:

Mailing address:

Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research
Business Administration B-11
University at Albany
Albany, New York 12222

Phone 518-442-5403 / Fax 518-442-3380
Mumford Center email:
mumford at
Urban China Research Network email:
chinanet at

Main Aministrative Office and GIS center, Business Administration B-11/B-10


Nancty Denton, Director  (518)  442-4460 email:n.denton at
Christine Young, Secretary II (518)  442-4905 email:cmyoung at
Jin-wook Lee, 
Manager, GIS gorup
(518)  442-5402  email:jwlee at

Kadriye Vargun
Web Programmer

(518)  442-5402  email:kvargun at


  Research Office,, Business Administration B-18

Samantha Friedman, Associate Director (518) 442-5458 email:samfriedman at
Catherine T. Lawson Associate Professor (518) 442-2581 email: lawsonc at
Ilir Disha, Research Asst. 

(518) 442-2631

Brian McKenzie, Research Asst.

(518) 442-2631

email:bmckenz at


Research Office, Business Administration B-22

Yue Zhuo (Angela), Research Asst. (518) 591-8520 email:yz7338 at

David Chunyu, Research Asst. 

(518) 591-8520 email:mc7455 at

The Center also draws on the resources of the University's Center for Social and Demographic Analysis (CSDA). Both Centers work together to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and support new urban research.  At present, several projects are affiliated with both Centers.