Student Guide to the Master of Science Degree Program

Special note to students seeking New York State certification in school leadership: The MS degree program delineated in this guide is not designed to lead to New York State certification as a School Building Leader, School District Business Leader, or School District Leader. Students seeking New York State school leadership certification should refer to the guide on the Advanced Graduate Certificate programs offered by EPL.  

This page serves as a guide for students in the 36 credit hour master's degree program in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership (EPL) at UAlbany. Students must meet certain requirements as they proceed through the program. These requirements are as follows:

  • Core Courses
  • Concentration Courses
  • Support Disciplines

    The study of educational administration and policy requires the use of many concepts drawn from the social and behavioral sciences. In order to ensure that students understand social science concepts and insights, the Department requires a minimum of 6 credits in appropriate course work. Examples of courses that satisfy this requirement are listed below. This is not an exclusive or exhaustive list.

    • EAPS 500 US Educational Governance, Policy, and Administration
    • EAPS 570 Introduction to Law and Education
    • EAPS 602 Economics of Education
    • EAPS 604 Macro-Sociology of Education and Administration
    • EAPS 605 Micro-Sociology of Education and Administration
    • EAPS 606 Ethics and Education
    • EAPS 608 Politics of Education
    • EAPS 609 Leadership for Cradle to Career Education Systems
    • EAPS 618 Family and Community Partnerships
    • EAPS 631 Public School Finance
    • EAPS 656 Sociology of Higher Education
    • EAPS 657 History of Higher Education
    • EAPS 658 Politics of Higher Education
    • EAPS 674 Educational Administration in Federal and State Governments
    • EAPS 718 Interprofessional Leadership for School, Family, and Community Partnerships
    • EAPS 750 Higher Education Finance
    • EAPS 770 Educational Policy and Law
    • EPHL 601 Philosophy of Education

    Other appropriate social science courses offered by EPL, other departments, or other institutions may also fulfill the support disciplines requirement. All courses on the student’s MS program plan must be approved by the student’s advisor and the EPL Curriculum Committee.     >>CLOSE

  • Electives
  • Internship (optional)
  • Research Requirement
  • Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing
  • Academic Standards
  • Statute of Limitations