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Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Degree Requirements for the Faculty-Initiated Interdisciplinary Major with a Concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

General Program B.A.: A minimum of 36 credits: 9 credits of the core history courses, 6 credits in literature and philosophy, 6 credits in art and music, and 15 elective credits chosen from courses approved for the program. If a student applies the credits from one or more of the approved courses of the program to the requirements of a minor (e.g., the 6 credits in literature,) he/she is absolved from fulfilling that particular requirement in the program and may substitute an equal number of credits from any of the elective courses to reach the required minimum of 36 credits.

Majors are required to demonstrate at least an elementary reading ability in Latin either by satisfactory completion of the first year course in this language at the college level or by the completion of two years of instruction in this language in high school or by a test administered at the convenience of the program director. In addition, it is strongly recommended that majors acquire at least an elementary reading ability in one modern Western language other than English.


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