UAlbany Couples Remember How It All Started

My husband, David De Siver, and I crossed paths many times at Albany. We took a lot of the same classes, went to the same bars, had many of the same friends, and lived a block away from each other. We didn't meet until two years after graduation at a party given by another Albany alum.

Ok, it sounds pretty boring on paper, but 14 years later and we're still happily married - with twins!!!! -Brenda (Fasbinder) De Siver ’89

I met my husband at Albany during our freshman orientation, in the fountain. A few weeks later, I saw him again while we were moving into the dorms. We were in the same dorm on State Quad. Neither one of us knew anyone else, so we hung out together and quickly sparks started to fly. By October we were dating.

Jamey spent his junior year (the FULL year) in Japan. We were still dating when he left. Neither one of us had any money, so we did not see each other and could only afford to talk on the phone every other week for a few minutes.

A few weeks after Jamey returned, we knew our feeling for each other were as strong as ever, and we decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. It took Jamey almost another year to propose. He wanted to propose to me in the fountain, since we met there, but there were too many people around. We took a walk around the lake, when suddenly Jamey stopped, got down on one knee, pulled out a ring and proposed!

Six years of marriage and two kids later, we are as happy as ever. Thank you SUNY Albany!

-Raina Gabay-Kohn '97
-Jamey Kohn '97

My wife, Liz Vogle '77, and I met on a bus chartered by a UAlbany student group, bound for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for Spring Break '75.  At the time she was a sophomore living on Dutch Quad while I was a junior living off campus. We were married four years later and recently celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.  -Cheers...Steve Colucci '76

My name is Todd Kamelhar ’90 and my wife’s name is Ellen Kamelhar, formerly Ellen Ogurek also Class of '90. We met at orientation on July 16, 1986. We both remember it well since it was the day we met, but also because of the memorable events that happened on that orientation.

In the summer of 1986, orientation was a two-day event. However, in order to accommodate the long trip for some people, the dorms were opened a night earlier if you wanted to get a head start. I came with two friends from high school (Louis Gold and Nancy Goldstein). There were about 23 of us who took advantage of the extra day, including my wife. Most of us were hanging out until around 2 a.m. and then went back to our rooms. We woke up to find the dorm totally trashed -- toilet paper everywhere. Many of us had been drinking, but had thrown away all of the empty bottles and cans. No real damage was done, but the cleanup required was extensive.

The next day we joined the remainder of the freshmen at the orientation. We met with advisors and got a taste of what college had in store for us. The group of us that arrived early was summoned to a meeting with school representatives. We were told that if those responsible did not come forward, we would all lose our housing privileges for the coming semester … eventually those responsible came forward. Everyone was scared for a while, and both my wife and I will never forget how we met.

On the first day of classes, Ellen and I met again in Economics 101. We sat together with another Albany alum, Mindy Ettlinger ’90. Mindy was a friend of mine from high school. Mindy and Ellen became friends and lived together for three years. She was a bridesmaid at our wedding. Coincidentally, Mindy's birthday, July 16, marks the anniversary of our meeting. Ellen and I were married August 29, 1992. Our bridal party included three other Albany alumni: my brother, Jeffrey Kamelhar ’89, David Dessingue ’91 and Scott Limmer ’90.

Always love telling the story. -Todd Kamelhar ’90

Dr. Ted Standing, who taught economics, liked to alphabetize his students' seating. Hence, Joan Alverson sat next to Harry Baden (who had a great sense of humor). -Joan Alverson Baden '47

The Place: The Campus Center
The Time:  Senior Year, Fall 1977
The Details: Jan was a manager at the Information Desk. I was chief photographer of University Photo Service. (I suspect neither the Info Desk or Photo Service exists any longer!) We ran into each other all of the time and I finally asked her to attend "All The President's Men," which was playing on campus. (Actually, the truth is that she asked me and I happily obliged.) That weekend, we shared our first date with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford.
The Outcome: We're celebrating our 25th anniversary next week.
-Mark Sass ’78
-Jan Rosenbaum Sass ’78

I was "studying" for a physics quiz in the lounge of Brubaker Hall, sprawled all over one of the couches, when this person invaded my space and asked if I needed any help. I was a little put out and told my roommate later that I had met this rather obnoxious man. (We were married two years later.) -Ann Hunt '56                                                   

I received my Master in Public Health degree from the UAlbany School of Public Health in December 2001. I now work at the school, as the assistant to the associate dean. I saw on the News@UAlbany alumni newsletter today that you were seeking stories from alums who met their spouse while they were students at UAlbany. Well, my husband and I are two such people. His name is Jim Kirkwood.
How we met: My husband and I both received our M.P.H. degrees from the School of Public Health at UAlbany. I was overseeing an American Red Cross blood drive, which the School of Public Health’s Graduate Student Organization (GSO) was sponsoring at the East Campus. On the day of the blood drive, I was checking in on things and happened to be in the “canteen area” (the point where donors get their juice and cookies after donating blood), when Jim was snacking on goodies after just donating blood. We got talking, and I was trying to convince him to become a GSO member … So, I got his e-mail address and e-mailed him when the next meeting was. We started e-mailing each another and chatting briefly when we would run into each other in the halls. Even though he always seemed to have an excuse why he wasn’t able to attend the GSO meetings, one day he asked me out for our “first date.” Three and a half years later, we got married! -Brenda (Krasuski) Kirkwood ’01

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