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Great Academic Beginnings

Great Beginnings in the classroom are all about showing up for class, doing the work, and getting to know your professors.

From the students of the Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program

  1. Student study groupTalk to your instructor. Don't be shy! Seniors tell us they wish they had known their first year how important it is to find out when your professors have office hours, and plant yourself in front of their door. When you don't understand the assignment, say so! Show them how hard you are trying. Thank them when they assist you.
  2. What's expected? Most professors give you a course syllabus that clearly states their expectations. If you're not sure what they want, ask!
  3. Think ahead. Don't wait until the night before the paper is due to start it! If you need help with study skills or time management, call Academic Support Services at 442-5180.
  4. Keep your end of the bargain. Be on time, pay attention, and pull your own weight on the group project.
  5. It's all about respect. Critical thinking is valued in the classroom, but learn to articulate your point of view without putting down others. Don't monopolize the class discussion, and listen without interrupting.
  6. Turn off your cell phone – it will distract you and others.
  7. Leave personal issues at the classroom door. If it is too hard to put aside personal concerns about family, health, relationships, finances, and other issues, free and confidential support is available at the University Counseling Center at 442–5800.
  8. Make healthy and responsible choices about alcohol and other drugs. Results of a 2004 survey show that 94% of UAlbany students think ahead and consider their health and safety when they party, including choosing not to use alcohol at all or drinking non–alcoholic look–alikes. National studies of college students also show that students who misuse or abuse alcohol do not perform well in school – they miss classes and get lower grades, and they are more likely to not complete college. Remember to consider your health and safety if you choose to party.

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