University at Albany



Diana Aldrete, Visiting Assistant Professor (PhD - University at Albany) Contemporary Mexican literature, Human Rights literatures and topics of globalization in Latin American literatures and cultures, website

Yaima Centeno, Visiting Assistant Professor (ABD - University at Albany) Caribbean Dialectology and Spanish Sociolinguistics, website

Leonardo Correa, Lecturer, UHS Liaison (ABD - University at Albany) Sociolinguistics and Second Language Acquisition, website

Ilka Kressner, Assistant Professor (PhD - University of Virginia) 20th century and contemporary Spanish American Literature, inter-arts relation (text, photography, film, music), literary theory, website

Elizabeth Lansing, Lecturer and Supervisor of Undergraduate Studies in Spanish (PhD - University at Albany) Linguistics, second language acquisition, dialectology, website

Lotfi Sayahi, Associate Professor (PhD - Universidad Complutense, Madrid) Contact linguistics, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, website

Carmen Serrano, Assistant Professor (PhD - University of California, Irvine) Transatlantic Studies, Latin American Historical Fiction, Latin American Film and Film Adaptation Theory, The Novel of the Mexican Revolution, Twentieth Century U.S. Latina and Latino Literature and Cultural Studies, website

Aída Torres-Horwitt, Lecturer (PhD - University at Albany) Golden Age Spanish literature, Latin American (particularly Puerto Rican) literature and culture, website

Maurice Westmoreland, Associate Professor (PhD - University of Illinois) Historical linguistics, romance linguistics, morphology, website

Affiliated Faculty

Lee S. Bickmore, Professor, Linguistics Program, Anthropology Department (PhD - UCLA) Phonology, tone, stress, historical linguistics, website

George Aaron Broadwell, Professor, Linguistics Program, Anthropology Department (PhD - UCLA) Syntax, historical linguistics, website

Alicia de Colombi-Monguio, Research Professor Emeritus, Academic Affairs (PhD - Stanford University) - Golden Age Spanish literature, Medieval and Renaissance, Spanish American colonial and Spanish poetry, Renaissance poetics, humanism


Jesús Alonso-Regalado, Senior Assistant Librarian, website

Faculty Emeriti

Armand F. Baker, Associate Professor (PhD - University of Iowa)