Languages, Literatures & Cultures
PhD Students

  • Jordan Lavender

    Andrew Jordan Lavender

    Spanish: Contact linguistics, sociolinguistics, morphosyntactic variation

    Dissertation research: Morphosyntactic variation in the Spanish spoken in Catalunya (tentative)
  • Victor Lucio

    Victor Lucio

    Spanish: Second language acquisition and sociolinguistics

    Dissertation research:To be determined
  • Benjamin Mielenz

    Benjamin Mielenz


    Dissertation research: To be determined
  • Zahir Mumin

    Zahir Mumin

    Spanish: Sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, & language contact

    Dissertation research: An examination of the linguistic and social factors that condition the speech tendencies of Spanish-speaking populations in and outside of the US and speakers in non Spanish-speaking regions
  • Jaime Mundo

    Jaime Mundo

    Spanish: Spanish literature

    Dissertation research: Spanish American Literature and cultural studies with a special interest in the intersection of technology, virtual space and literature
  • Jonathan Oliveri

    Jonathan Oliveri

    Spanish: Contemporary Peninsular and Latin American literature and film focusing on: Identity, memory, violence, urban spaces and masculinity studies

    Dissertation research: Memories of delinquency and violence in contemporary Peninsular and Peruvian literature and film

  • Juanita Reyes

    Juanita Reyes

    Spanish: Spanish linguistics with a concentration in sociolinguistics

    Dissertation research: "Variación dialectal del español dominicano"

  • Arnaldo Robles

    Arnaldo Robles

    Spanish: Spanish linguistics with a concentration in sociolinguistics & second language acquisition

    Dissertation research: To be determined

  • Karina Walker

    Karina Walker

    Spanish: Peninsular literature. Golden age Latin American and Peninsular lit., the Spanish baroque and contemporary peninsular literature

    Dissertation research: Vestiges of the Baroque in contemporary Spanish literature. Currently ABD. Karina Walker has accepted a position as Visiting Assistant Professor at Hartwick College