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  • Farah Ali

    Spanish: Spanish linguistics

    Dissertation research:Sociolinguistics, Language contact, Romance linguistics, historical linguistics
  • photo- Pamela Alvarado

    Pamela Alvarado-McNamara

    Spanish: Spanish linguistics

    Dissertation research: to be determined
  • photo-K. Amegashie

    Komla Amegashie

    French: Second language acquisition, lexicology and lexicography

    Dissertation research: "The Problem of a Multilingual Dictionary: Case of the Éwé - Indo-European  language(s) Dictionary" - French title: "La problématique d’un dictionnaire multilingue : cas du dictionnaire éwé-langue(s) indo-européenne(s)". Currently ABD
  • photo PhD student Olivia Barone

    Olivia Amzallag

    French: Applied linguistics- interest in holistic educational approaches to second language acquisition

    Dissertation research: The acquisition of French object pronouns by Anglophone learners. Currently ABD
  • photo Elise Bouhet alumna

    Elise Bouhet

    French: Contemporary French society; comparative approach between French and American culture

    Dissertation research: Evaluating the "Frenchness" of the riots that took place in France in the fall of 2005.Currently ABD. She is currently a Graduate Fellow at Trinity College.
  • Amber Bradley


    Dissertation research: To be determined
  • photo- Sarah Carman

    Sarah Carman

    Spanish: Spanish linguistics- interest in 2nd language acquisition, morphology and syntax

    Dissertation research interests: L2 pronoun CASE acquisition and its affect on verb conjugation/interpretation. Currently ABD
  • no photo

    Cecily Corbett

    Spanish: Sociolinguisitcs

    Dissertation research: An examination of host family use of sociophonetic variation as a form of linguistic accommodation during interactions with international students
  • photo: JL Correa Velasquez

    Leonardo Correa

    Spanish: Sociolinguistics and second language acquisition

    Dissertation research: Dialect contact and sociolinguistic variation in the Spanish spoken by a migrant community in Bogotá, Colombia 
    Currently ABD
  • photo: Joshua Declerk

    Joshua DeClerck

    Spanish: Romance Linguistics, Contact Linguistics, Second (Third) Language Acquistion, Variation, Phonology

    Dissertation research: to be determined
  • photo not available

    Evens Domond

    French: French Literature- 20th century French literary theory and post-colonial literature, especially African and Caribbean authors

    Dissertation research: to be determined
  • photo: Alejandra Escudero

    Alejandra Escudero

    Spanish: Spanish Linguistics: Sociophonetic variation in Venezuelan Spanish and morphological and syntactic variation in the Spanish of Cochabamba, Bolivia. 

    Dissertation research: Sociophonetic Analysis of the Degree of Laryngeal tension as a feature of voice quality in the Spanish of Caracas, Venezuela. Currently ABD
  • photo-R. Estremera

    Ricardo Estremera

    Spanish: Sociolinguistics with dialect contact and concentration in second language acquisition

    Dissertation research: To be determined
  • photo-Tara Feeney

    Tara Feeney


    Dissertation research: To be determined
  • photo: N Figueroa

    Nicholas James Figueroa

    Spanish: Spanish Linguistics with a concentration in Dialectology (Caribbean), Sociolinguistics, Contact Linguistics, Bilingualism, Phonology and Latin American/Caribbean Studies

    Dissertation research: The Neutralization of /l/ and /r/ in Syllable-Final Position in the Speech of U.S.-Born Puerto Rican and Dominican Heritage Language Spanish Speakers Currently ABD
  • photo-Yaimo Centeno

    Gabriel Guadalupe

    Spanish: Identity and bilingualism and sociolinguistics

    Dissertation research: Exploring language maintenance in New York Dominican Spanish by analyzing sociolinguistic variation of /l/ and /r/

    Currently ABD - accepted Assistant Professor of Spanish (tenure-track) position at Westfield State University in Massachusetts
  • no photo

    Katja Higgins


    Dissertation research: to be determined

  • photo: Nyssa Knarvik

    Nyssa Knarvik

    Spanish: Spanish Linguistics

    Dissertation research:

    "Variation in the morphosyntax and lexicon of heritage speakers and second-language learners of Spanish"

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