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Happy Holidays &

Best Wishes for the New Year!


(unless otherwise noted all are invited--older events at "Archives" link above)

  • LLC German Movie Night: Joyeux Noel. December 5, 2017 at 8:00pm in Humanities 354. All welcome!
  • LLC Seminar Wednesday 12/6/17 1-2pm in HU354 with Beth M. Bouloukos, Senior Acquisition Editor, The Amherst College Press, “From Proposal to Bookshelf (and the Cloud)." Co-sponsored by LLC, the English Department and the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • Save the date for the spring LLC Seminars: 2/14, 3/7, 4/18, 5/9, Wednesdays 1-2pm. More info coming soon!
  • Francophone Day, an immersion experiece for high school students enrolled in University in the High School French classes, will take place 3/21/18 at UAlbany's Campus Center. More information will be provided to French teachers in the UHS high schools by UHS Liaison Veronique Martin.
  • The Olympiada of Spoken Russian competition will take place 4/25/18 in UAlbany's Campus Center. More details will be proivded to participating schools. Contact Professor Timothy Sergay if questions.



  • See fliers for new courses coming in spring, linked above right. LLC's course offerings and descriptions are online. Not in a degree program? No problem--you can enroll "non-degree" through the Office of General Studies (high school seniors who excel in their coursework are also eligible). Featured courses are linked at the right. Spring 2018 course schedules will be available in September.
  • Congratulations to our newest French PhD graduate, Dr. Komla Amegashie, who successfully defended 11/29/17!
  • Congratulations to our newest French PhD graduate, Dr. Evens Domond, who successfully defended 11/10/17!
  • Congratulations to John R Teevan III (BA & MA in French, 2012) who just published a book now on Amazon’s best-sellers list for new releases in the genre, A Mysterious Evening in Vienna, a collection of short stories – most in English, some in French.
  • Congratulations to our newest Spanish PhD graduate, Dr. Karina Walker, who successfully defended 8/23/17!
  • Congratulations to our newest Spanish PhD graduate, Dr. Zahir Mumin, who successfully defended 7/17/17!

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR GRADUATES and very best wishes from LLC! UAlbany 2017 Commencement videos and photos are available at
  • Congratulations to this year's scholarship awardees: Eleanor Bazzoni Award: Danielle Fico and Luis Ramirez, Frank G. Carrino Award: Niamh O’Sullivan, Guy Enfanto Memorial Award: Richard Opoku, Anthony M. Gisolfi Award: Katrina Abad (more inormation on awards). And many thanks to our alunni and friends who make these awards possible with their generous contributions!
  • Congratulations to our 2107 Excellence in Teaching TA awardees, Pamela Alvarado-McNamara and Tara Feeney!
  • Congratulations to Dr. Elise Bouhet (FRE) who received the UAlbany Distringuished Doctoral Dissertation Award for her exceptional academic work and to Professor Jean François Brière, her dissertation director!
  • Congratulations to our newest Spanish PhD graduate, Dr. Jordan Lavender, who successfully defended 5/8/17!
  • Congratulations to our newest Spanish PhD graduate, Dr. Leonardo Correa, who successfully defended 4/26/17!
  • Congratualtions to Spanish graduate student Jordan Lavender who accepted a Visiting Assistant Professor position at Colby College for the coming year!
  • Congratulations to our newest Spanish PhD graduate, Dr. Cecily Corbett, who successfully defended 4/17/17!

  • During summer break Charlie Giglio is headed to Italy with students from his Latin classes at UAlbany and a local high school. A true immersion adventure!
  • Matheson (Matt) Curry, a junior History major and Russian & East European Studies minor, is presenting research adapted from his work in ARUS252 at the SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference at SUNY Suffolk Friday, 4/21/17, and at the 14th Annual University at Albany Undergraduate Research Conference in the Lecture Center Concourse Friday, 4/28/17. His presentation title is ““Let Our Noble Wrath Boil Over Like a Wave!”: Connections between Soviet Propaganda and Red Army War Crimes during World War II.”” Two of his current professors served as his research advisors, H. Peter Krosby (History) and Timothy Sergay (LLC).

  • Ray Ortali, French Professor Emerius, was featured 4/11/17 in the Times Union . (
  • Alejandra Aguilar's essay "Heroismo y conciencia racial en la obra de la poeta afrocubana Cristina Ayala" (in Meridional. Revista Chilena de Estudios Latinoamericanos, 2016) was awarded this year's Ibero-American Prize for an Academic Article on the Nineteenth Century by the Latin American Studies Association (LASA is the largest professional association for those engaged in the study of Latin America).

  • Latin instructor and University in the High School Latin Liaison, Charles Giglio (who is also a NY State Teacher of the Year and NEA Foundation Global Fellowship Scholarship awardee), recently recorded a TedTalk on teaching. See it here:

  • Congratulations to all our 2017 Sigma Delta Pi Hispanic Honor Society inductees!
  • Congratulations to all our Pi Delta Phi French National Honor Society inductees!

  • One of the very last representatives of Russian culture’s rebellious and principled “people of the 60s” (shestidesiatniki), the poet, novelist, screenwriter, memoirist, director and sometime actor Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko, died at the age of 84 on April 1, 2017 in Tulsa, OK. More.
  • Congratulations to our newest French PhD graduate, Dr. Olivia Barone Amzallag, who successfully defended 3/31/17!
  • UAlbany faculty and staff were recently honored for 25 or more years of service at the U, including some of our own long-time faculty (Mary Beth Winn, Maria Keyes, Cynthia Fox. Maurice Westmoreland, and Olimpia Pelosi). LLC thanks each of you for your commitment to our students, our department, our colleagues, our university and the profession! More details and pictures.
  • We're saddened to report the news that Professor Albeto Carlos who taught with UAlbany 1962-1996 has passed away (obituary).
  • Fall 2017 courses are now online! Advanced registration begins 3/20/17. Find courses offered and course descriptions here. Not a student enrolled in a program? Not a problem. Students not enrolled in a degree program but wanting to study languages may enroll "non-degree" through the Office of General Studies and take individual courses (high school seniors who excel in their coursework are also eligible).
  • Congratulations to Nicholas Figueroa, our newst SPN PhD, whose doctoral dissertation defense, "Variation in /ɾ/ Outcomes in the Speech of U.S.-Born Puerto Rican and Dominican Heritage Spanish Speakers," was on 2/2/17!
  • Congratulation to Elise Bouhet, our newest FRE PhD, whose doctoral disseration defense, "L'espace du jeu dans les emeutes de 2005 en France," was 1/17/17!

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