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Commencement 2016: LLC hosted a recognition ceremony for its graduates on 5/14/16 at 4:00 pm in the Performing Arts Center Recital Hall. RSVP form for individual ceremony.

Italian Film and Conversation Night: Big Night: "A failing Italian restaurant run by two brothers gambles on one special night to try to save the business." (IMDB) 5/2/16, 6:00 pm, BA 233. In English.

La Dolce Vita sponsored a KAN-JAM tournament on 4/30/16 from 1:00-5:00 pm on Dutch Quad. contact:

LLC Football (Soccer) Club, Join LLC faculty and students for a low -key soccer game, 4/30/16, 10:30am, in the field behind tennis courts. Contact:, or

Spanish major, Katrina Abad, will presented a paper in the 13th Annual University at Albany Undergraduate Research Conference, 4/29/16, 4:30 pm, LC 3B. Ms. Abad is doing her research this spring in Professor Lotfi Sayahi's Bilingualism and Spanish in the US class.

Hispanic Movie Night: 7:00 pm in HU 354 Relatos savajes 4/27/16. In Spanish with English subtitles.

LLC Seminar: Carol Klee, “Migration and its Linguistic Consequences: Quechua-Spanish Language Contact in Lima, Peru” 4/27/16, 1:00 pm, HU 354.

Hispanic Movie Nights: 7:00 pm in HU 354.Ocho apellidos vascos 4/20/16, In Spanish with English subtitles.

Portugese Club presented a panel discussion on curent events in Brazil. 4/14/16, 5:00 pm, HU 124

Hispanic Movie Nights: 7:00 pm in HU 354. Altiplano 4/13/16. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Deutscher Stammtisch (German Table) showed Almanya: Wilkommen in Deutschland (Almanya: Welcome to Germany) at 8:00 pm in HU 354 on 3/30/16.The film shows the story of three generations of Turkish immigrants in Germany. In German with English subtitles.

LLC Seminar: Graduate Student Presentations, Jaime Mundo- “Reading the Cyborg: Experiments in Subjectivity in El exilio según Nicolás” ; Arnaldo Robles- "Corrective Feedback: The Effects of Elicitations and Prompts on Modified Output" ; Komla Amegashie- “What do Ewe Dictionaries Contain?", 3/30/16, 1:00 pm, HU 290

As part of Francophone week, the French Studies Program had a screening and discussion of "Un Rêve Américain" a documentary with Franco-Ontarian musician Damien Robitaille that seeks the French Canadian heritage in the US. 3/24/16, 7:00 pm, HU 354.

Francophone Day, 3/23/16, is a University in the High School sponsored event bringing participating high school students from across NY State to campus for a day of immersion in Francophone cultures, including music, dancing, food, and games in French. 

Traditional Dance and Music of Quebéc & France, 3/23/16, 10:30-12:00, Campus Center Ballroom. Part of Francophone Week

Students, faculty and staff enjoyed Déjeuner français (en français) ! French cuisine at the Patroon Room. 3/22/16, 12:30-2:00 pm.with reserved seating at the tables where French was spoken! Part of the celebration of Francophone Week.

Italian Film and Conversation NIghts: Cinema Paradiso: "A filmmaker recalls his childhood, when he fell in love with the movies at his village's theater and formed a deep friendship with the theater's projectionist." (IMDB) 3/7/16, 6:00 pm , BA 233. In Italian with English subtitles.

Deutscher Stammtisch (German Table) showed the film The Promise (Das Versprechen) on 3/2/16, 8:00 pm, HU 354. East-Berlin, 1961, Konrad and Sophie plan a daring escape to Western Germany. Sophie is successful but Konrad remains behind. From then on, and for the next 28 years, Konrad and Sophie will attempt to meet again, in spite of the Iron Curtain.

Yuri and Natalia Shcherbakov, acclaimed Russian Folk Duo,perfomed folk songs including traditional Cossack tunes. They have a high-energy stage presence and songs that reveal how the traditions are being passed on to new generations. 2-23-16, 4:15 pm, HU 354 Free and Open to the Public

LLC Seminar: Marcy Schwartz, "Publishing from the Ground Up: Urban Reading in Contemporary Latin America," 2/24/16, 1:00 pm, HU 290

Deutscher Stammtisch (German Table) will showed the film "The Comedian Harmonists", 2-16-16, 8:00 pm in HU 290. The film tells the story of the rise and fall of a vocal group that was wildly popular in Germany before it was disbanded in 1934 by the upcoming Nazis, because three of them are Jewish.

Internationally acclaimed conductor, Dr. Isaac Chueke (Escola de Música e Belas Artes do Paraná, Brazil) presented "Brazilian Rhythms-Traits of a Rich Culture," 2/10/16, PAC 213, 5:00pm. Co-sponsored by: Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures - Center for International Education and Global Strategy - Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and US. Latino Studies - Department of Music and Theater.

Italian Film and Conversation Nights: La Vita è Bella: "When an open-minded Jewish librarian and his son become victims of the Holocaust, he uses a perfect mixture of will, humor and imagination to protect his son from the dangers around their camp."(IMDB) 2/8/16, 6:00 pm, BA 233. In Italian with English subtitles.

LLC Seminar: Cynthia Fox, "Lost and Found: French in Western Ohio," 1/27/16, 1:00 pm, HU 354.

La Dolce Vita (Italian Club) had a Scopa Night! Scopa is an Italian card game and all were welcome to learn and play. Free pizza too! 12/8/15, 8:00 pm

LLC Seminar: Olimpia Pelosi (University at Albany): "Under Arachne's Sign. Weaving the Texture of Feminine Writing: Autobiography, Space, and Construction of the Literary Self in Gaspara Stampa (1523-1554) and Louise Labé (1524-1566)" , 12/2/15, 1:00 pm, HU 354.

German Club showed the film Joyeux Noel 12/1/15, HU 354, 7:30 pm. In English, French, German and Latin.

UAlbany Capoeira gave a demonstration of the art of capoeira followed by a film: The Assailant. "Based on the life of a legendary capoeira fighter from Bahia, "Besouro" spins a fantastic tale of a young Brazilian man of African descent in search of his mission." (from IMDB), 11/20/15, 2:00-4:00 pm, HU 354. Co-sponsored by the Brazilian Study Group.

LLC Seminar: Luis Cuesta (University at Albany): “The Sport Body in the Quest for Regaining Lost Youth in Wenceslao Fernandez Florez’s ‘El ladrón de glándulas¨ , 11/18/15, 1:00 pm, HU 354.

La Dolce Vita showed the film Cinema Paradiso, 11/17/15, 8:00 pm in HU 290.

Carmen Serrano gave the Keynote Address at a Romance Languages Symposium graduate student conference, Outbreak!/Breakout, at the University of Oregon, 11/14/15.

French PhD, Komla Amegashie, had his review of "Sens et signification dans les espaces francophones" published on Linguistlist.

Screening and Discussion of the Documentary Un Rêve Américan, Franco-Ontarian musician Damien Robitaille seeks the French Canadian heritage in the US. 11/7/15, 2:00 pm, Guilderaland Public Library. Co-sponsored by LLC and the Fédération Franco-Américaine du New York.

Deutscher Stammtisch showed the film Das Leben der Anderen- In 1984 East Berlin, an agent of the secret police, conducting surveillance on a writer and his lover, finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed by their lives. In German with English subtitles. 11/3/15, 7:30 pm in HU 354.

LLC Open House- 10/21/15, 12:00-2:00 pm in HU 354. Students came to learn about the courses, clubs and tables, majors and minors, the 9 languages LLC has to offer and more!

The Portuguese Language Club had it's first meeting on 10/21/15t at 8:00 pm in HU 354. All were welcome and food was served.

Film: Latinos Beyond Reel, presented by El Club de Español. 10/20/15, 7:00 pm, HU 354.They discussed the portrayal of Latinos in American media. Food was be served.

LLC Seminar: Andrès Enrique Arias (Univeristat de les Illes Balears, Spain): “Testing contact-induced change in Spanish of Mallorca. Insights from a historical perspective” , 10/14/15, 1:00 pm, HU 354. Co-sponsored by the Judaic Studies Program.

Film: Once Upon a Time at 55th and Hoover, 10/14/15, 6:00 pm, HU 354. Q&A followed with director, Andrès Enrique Arias (Univeristat de les Illes Balears, Spain Institution). "Once Upon a Time at 55th and Hoover is a short documentary film that tells the story of the Sephardic Jews from the island of Rhodes who arrived in Los Angeles in the first half of the 20th century and established a community in the area around 55th Street and Hoover, what is today South Central Los Angeles." (from

La Dolce Vita showed the film Goodfellas and discussed stereotypes of the mafia and the impact it has on Italian Americans in today's society. 10/13/15 7:00 pm, HU 290.

Deutscher Stammtisch showed the film Der Untergang (Downfall), The film depicts Hitler's final 10 days in his Berlin bunker at the end of WWII. 10/13/15, 8:00 pm in HU 354.

Deutsche Stammtisch showed the film Im Juli on 9/15 in HU 354, 8:00 pm.

LLC Seminar: Francisco Moreno-Fernández (Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University): “El español en los Estados Unidos”, 9/16/15 at 1:00 pm in HU 354. This lecture was in Spanish.

.It is with a heavy heart that LLC shares the loss of Russian Emerita Professor Sophia Lubensky. In Memoriam

PhD student, Jaime Mundo (Spn), had an abstract accepted for the Hostos Scholar Colloquium sponsored by Hostos Community College, CUNY as part of the activities celebrating 175 years of the birth of the Puerto Rican educator and writer, Eugenio María de Hostos. The title of the presentation is "La función del juego imaginativo y la fantasía 'En barco de papel'".

Doctoral student, Victor Lucio (Spn), recently published a book review of “Women, Men and Everyday Talk” on Linguistlist.

Spanish PhD student, Jordan Lavender, published his book review of "The Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Competence in a Lingua Franca Context" on Linguistlist.

Spanish PhD student, Cecily Corbett (Spn), has published a review of the book "Research Methods in Sociolinguistics" on Linguistlist.

Doctoral student Arnaldo Robles (Spn) published his review of the book "Translation in Language Teaching and Assessment" on Linguistlist.

Doctoral student, Benjamin Mielenz (Spn) spent the summer of 2015 in Turkey studying on a full Critical Language Scholarship from the U.S. Department of State. See the UAlbany article here.

Doctoral student, Nicholas Figueroa took part in UAlbany's study abroad program in Cuba in summer 2015. See the UAlbany article here.

Arnaldo Robles (Spn) was awarded a 2014-15 University at Albany Dissertation Research Fellowship Award. These are competitive awards given to facilitate research and aid in successful completion of the doctoral program.

Carmen Serrano (Spn) is a contributor to the edited collection, Vampires and Zombies: Transcultural Migrations and Transnational Interpretations, which will be published in January 2016. Her article is titled "Revamping Dracula on the Mexican Silver Screen Fernando Méndez’s El vampiro."

Congratulations to Taylor Grzywacz, graduating Spanish major, who just received an award from the Spanish Ministry of Education to participate in their Cultural Ambassadors Program. Taylor will spend the 2015-2016 academic year in Spain as one of the North American Language and Culture Assistants.

The LLC Commencement Ceremony was held 5/16/15 at 4:00 pm in the Performing Arts Recital Hall. Details here (near bottom of pg). Commencement 2015 photos here and on Facebook

End of Year Celebration, LLC Language Clubs and Tables, 5/7/15, 2:00-4:00 pm, HU 109. All students & faculty interested in languages welcome!

The induction ceremony for the French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi, was held on 5/6/15 at 5:00 pm in HU 354.

Santiago Vizcaino, a leading poet of Ecuador, and Alexis Levitin, award-winning translator of Latin American literature, presented a bilingual reading of their new book of poetry in English translation, Destruction in the Afternoon (2015), 5/4/15 at 4:15 p.m. in Science Library 340 on the University at Albany uptown campus. Free and open to the public, the event iwas sponsored by the New York State Writers Institute.

Spring Latin Dance, UAlbany’s Salsa and Tango Club hosted a dance event in the Black Box Theatre (PAC) on 5/3/15 from 4:00-7:00 pm.There was a teaching component to the day’s event: ½ hour of Salsa and ½ hour of Tango.

The induction ceremony for the Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi, was held on 5/1/15 at 4:15 pm in The Standish Room (located on the 3rd floor of the Science Library). Welcome to the new members!

LLC Seminar: Mary Ellen Scullen (Associate Director, Languages, Literatures and Culture, University of Maryland), "Flipping and Blending the Language Course: Case Studies from Maryland," 4/10/15 at 1:00 pm in HU 354.

LLC Seminar: Ernesto Quiñonez (Associate Professor of English Cornell University), "Bodega Dreams: Q & A with Ernesto Quiñonez", 3/12/15 at 1:30 pm in HU 354.

Francophone Day- 3/11/15, LLC will host over a hundred high school students for a variety of events with Francophone connections! A music and dance workshop, scavenger hunt, dessert contest and more! Contact Veronique Martin:

3/11/15- "A Reading with Ernesto Quiñonez"- Ernesto Quiñonez, associate professor of English at Cornell University and celebrated author of Bodega Dreams and Chango’s Fire, will read from his  latest work. Co-sponsored by the Center for Latino, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Department of Latin and Caribbean Studies and Fuerza Latina. 6:30 pm in HU 354.

"Conflict in Ukraine: Civil War or Russian Invasion?" - Adrian Karatnycky, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council & Co-Director, Ukrainina-Jewish Encounter, 3/11/15 from 4:30-6:30 pm in University Hall 110. Sponsored by Office of International Education, Department of History, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the Judaic Studies Program, & the Department of Political Science.

Taste of Haiti- 3/10/15 12:45-2:00pm, In honor of Francophone Week the Patroon Room menu will feature Haitian inspired dishes and LLC will have tables reserved for French conversation. To save your space at the table contact Cynthia Fox:

Languages, Literatures & Cultures and the University in the High School Program sponsored Spanish Heritage Day on 3/9/15. High school students had the opportunity to interact with UAlbany faculty members and students, practicing language skills and testing their knowledge of the Hispanic culture in a full day of language and cultural activities. The schedule included a scavenger hunt, games, and a music performance. The music performance was open to the public. Contact: Leonardo Correa:

Deutscher Stammtisch presented: Deutschland bleiche Mutter, 3/5/15 at 8:00 pm in HU 311 (CLIC).

2/27/15- LLC Seminar: Diana Aldrete (Visiting Assistant Professor, University at Albany) “Modes of Dissidence in Contemporary Mexico: Social Media and the New Narrative.” 2:30 pm in HU 354.

1/29/15- LLC Seminar: Graduate Presentations, “Sociolinguistic Variation in Cuba: Variants of /r/ in Guantanamo City” - Yaima Centeno (SPN);  “Phonetic accommodation in native and second-generation speech: a case study” - Cecily Corbett(SPN); "Social factors affecting variation in the realization of word-final /d/ in Valencia” - Jordan Lavender(SPN) at 1:00 pm in HU 354.


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10-28-14 -Najla Said, memoirist, actress, and playwright - Seminar, 4:15 pm, Standish Room, Science Library; Reading — 8:00 pm, Recital Hall, Performing Arts Center- "Najla Said is the author of the new memoir Looking for Palestine: Growing Up Confused in an Arab-American Family (2013). The daughter of major Palestinian-American intellectual and political activist Edward Said, Najla spent her formative years in the largely Jewish milieu of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. A witty exploration of post-modern, hyphenated American identity, the book opens with the playful statement, “I am a Palestinian-Lebanese-American Christian woman, but I grew up as a Jew in New York City.” Kirkus Reviews called it, “an enlightening, warm, timely coming-of-age story.” Said also wrote and starred in the hit Off-Broadway play, Palestine (2009)." (from NYS Writiers Institute)


6-26-15 - A Little Chaos, Alan Rickman directs and Kate Winslet stars in this romantic drama about Sabine, a strong-willed and talented landscape designer, who is chosen to build one of the main gardens at King Louis XIV’s (Rickman) new palace at Versailles. In her new position of power, Sabine challenges gender and class barriers while also becoming professionally romantically entangled with the court’s renowned landscape artist, André Le Notre (Matthias Schoenaerts). (from Spectrum 8), (518) 449-8995.

2-13-15 - Cyrille Aimée - "French jazz singer, Cyrille Aimée winner of the Montreaux Jazz Festival and Sarah Vaughn Vocal Competitions, performs an evening of classic and contemporary standards for an unforgettably romantic Valentine’s Day eve concert. (from The Egg) 8:00 pm at The Egg, Center for the Performing Arts Empire State Plaza, Albany.





2-27-15 through 3-7-15 - Eurydice, "The classic story is electrifyingly updated for modern audiences by famed contemporary playwright Sarah Ruhl. In this immersive theatrical production, a young girl is ripped from her world on her wedding day and sent down a raining elevator to the underworld where she must fight for the love in her heart." (from PAC) 2-27-15 at 7:00 pm, 2-28-15 at 2:00 pm, 3-4-15 through 3-6-15 at 7:00 pm, 3-7-15 at 2:00 pm in the UAlbany Performing Arts Center.



3/26/15- Novelist Yelena Akhtiorskaya, Yelena Akhtiorskaya is the author of a brilliant debut novel, Panic in a Suitcase (2014), the story of two decades in the life of a Ukrainian immigrant family in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Hailed by the critics as “ingenious” (NPR), “marvelous” (Library Journal) and “hilarious” (Publishers Weekly), Panic in a Suitcase was named a “Notable Book of 2014” by the New York Times and Washington Post. Seminar, 4:15 pm, Standish Room, Science Library; Reading, 8:00 pm, Campus Center 375. (from NYS Writers Institute)



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