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News and Event Archive

Deutsche Stammtisch showed the film Im Juli on 9/15 in HU 354, 8:00 pm.

LLC Seminar: Francisco Moreno-Fernández (Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University): “El español en los Estados Unidos”, 9/16/15 at 1:00 pm in HU 354. This lecture was in Spanish.

The LLC Commencement Ceremony was held 5/16/15 at 4:00 pm in the Performing Arts Recital Hall. Details here (near bottom of pg).

End of Year Celebration, LLC Language Clubs and Tables, 5/7/15, 2:00-4:00 pm, HU 109. All students & faculty interested in languages welcome!

The induction ceremony for the French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi, was held on 5/6/15 at 5:00 pm in HU 354.

Santiago Vizcaino, a leading poet of Ecuador, and Alexis Levitin, award-winning translator of Latin American literature, presented a bilingual reading of their new book of poetry in English translation, Destruction in the Afternoon (2015), 5/4/15 at 4:15 p.m. in Science Library 340 on the University at Albany uptown campus. Free and open to the public, the event iwas sponsored by the New York State Writers Institute.

Spring Latin Dance, UAlbany’s Salsa and Tango Club hosted a dance event in the Black Box Theatre (PAC) on 5/3/15 from 4:00-7:00 pm.There was a teaching component to the day’s event: ½ hour of Salsa and ½ hour of Tango.

The induction ceremony for the Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi, was held on 5/1/15 at 4:15 pm in The Standish Room (located on the 3rd floor of the Science Library). Welcome to the new members!

LLC Seminar: Mary Ellen Scullen (Associate Director, Languages, Literatures and Culture, University of Maryland), "Flipping and Blending the Language Course: Case Studies from Maryland," 4/10/15 at 1:00 pm in HU 354.

LLC Seminar: Ernesto Quiñonez (Associate Professor of English Cornell University), "Bodega Dreams: Q & A with Ernesto Quiñonez", 3/12/15 at 1:30 pm in HU 354.

Francophone Day- 3/11/15, LLC will host over a hundred high school students for a variety of events with Francophone connections! A music and dance workshop, scavenger hunt, dessert contest and more! Contact Veronique Martin:

3/11/15- "A Reading with Ernesto Quiñonez"- Ernesto Quiñonez, associate professor of English at Cornell University and celebrated author of Bodega Dreams and Chango’s Fire, will read from his  latest work. Co-sponsored by the Center for Latino, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Department of Latin and Caribbean Studies and Fuerza Latina. 6:30 pm in HU 354.

"Conflict in Ukraine: Civil War or Russian Invasion?" - Adrian Karatnycky, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council & Co-Director, Ukrainina-Jewish Encounter, 3/11/15 from 4:30-6:30 pm in University Hall 110. Sponsored by Office of International Education, Department of History, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the Judaic Studies Program, & the Department of Political Science.

Taste of Haiti- 3/10/15 12:45-2:00pm, In honor of Francophone Week the Patroon Room menu will feature Haitian inspired dishes and LLC will have tables reserved for French conversation. To save your space at the table contact Cynthia Fox:

Languages, Literatures & Cultures and the University in the High School Program sponsored Spanish Heritage Day on 3/9/15. High school students had the opportunity to interact with UAlbany faculty members and students, practicing language skills and testing their knowledge of the Hispanic culture in a full day of language and cultural activities. The schedule included a scavenger hunt, games, and a music performance. The music performance was open to the public. Contact: Leonardo Correa:

Deutscher Stammtisch presented: Deutschland bleiche Mutter, 3/5/15 at 8:00 pm in HU 311 (CLIC).

2/27/15- LLC Seminar: Diana Aldrete (Visiting Assistant Professor, University at Albany) “Modes of Dissidence in Contemporary Mexico: Social Media and the New Narrative.” 2:30 pm in HU 354.

1/29/15- LLC Seminar: Graduate Presentations, “Sociolinguistic Variation in Cuba: Variants of /r/ in Guantanamo City” - Yaima Centeno (SPN);  “Phonetic accommodation in native and second-generation speech: a case study” - Cecily Corbett(SPN); "Social factors affecting variation in the realization of word-final /d/ in Valencia” - Jordan Lavender(SPN) at 1:00 pm in HU 354.

12/10/14- LLC Seminar Series: Timothy Sergay (University at Albany), "The Conventions of Editing Academic and Other Formal Documents in English". 1:00 pm, HU 354.

12/4/14 - Deutscher Stammtisch film: Die Fremde (When We leave), 8:15pm in HU 354. "Umay is a young woman of Turkish descent, fighting for an independent and self-determined life in Germany against the resistance of her family. Her struggle initiates a dynamic, which results in a life-threatening situation." (from IMDB)

11/21/14 - LLC Seminar Series: J. Clancy Clements (Indiana University), “How speakers construct a language without ‘homogeneous’ input: Evidence from some Portuguese- and Spanish-lexifier contact varieties”. 12:00 pm, HU 354.

11/13/14- Dr. Maurice Westmoreland (Spn) was a panelist for "The New Nationalism- what's the story?" at the Guilderland Library, 7:00 pm.

El Club de Español (Spanish Club) film: Instructions Not Included on 11/18/14, 6:00 pm in HU 354. "A man who has made a new life for himself and the daughter left on his doorstep 6 years ago finds his family threatened when the birth mother resurfaces." (from IMDB)

Deutscher Stammtisch (German Club) film: Die Welle (The Wave), on 11/4/14, 8:00 pm in HU 354. "A high school teacher's unusual experiment to demonstrate to his students what life is like under a dictatorship spins horribly out of control when he forms a social unit with a life of its own." (from IMDB)

LLC Seminar Series: Selma Cohen (University at Albany), "Avatars of the I. Argentine Literature in the First Person since 1990", 10/17/14, 2:00 pm in HU 290.

El Club de Español (Spanish Club) Film:Juan de los muertos, 10/14/14, 6:00 pm in HU 354. 2011 Spanish-Cuban comedy. "A group of slackers face an army of zombies. The Cuban government and media claim the living dead are dissidents revolting against the government." (from IMDB).

Le Cercle français (French Club) Film: La Haine, 10/1/14, 6:00 pm in HU 354. France has had a long and unfortunate history of intolerance toward outsiders, and this powerful drama from filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz takes an unblinking look at a racially diverse group of young people trapped in the Parisian economic and social underclass.

LLC hosted an OPEN HOUSE on 10/10/14 from 12:00-1:00 pm in HU 354. Students joined LLC Faculty and learned about our 9 language programs, majors/minors, language clubs and events, the 1-year Spanish MA, spring courses and more. Talk to faculty and advisors. Free pizza, soda and LLC T-shirts while they lasted!

Deutscher Stammtisch (German Club) Film: Goodbye Lenin!, 10/9/14, 8:00 pm in HU 354, "The year is 1989 and East and West Germany are still divided. Alex (Daniel Bruhl) and his sister Ariane (Maria Simon) live in East Germany with their single mother, Christiane (Katrin Sass) who is a staunch Socialist. When Alex’s mother witnesses his arrest on a protest march, she suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma for eight months, just enough time for the Berlin Wall to come tumbling down, along with all of East Germany’s ideals." (from the dvd cover)

La Dolce Vita (Italian Club) Film: Ciao, Professore, 10/9/14, 7:00 pm in HU 290. Lina Wertmuller's 1992 film "Ciao professore" is a sunny comedy with a social conscience. The conflict in ideology between the Italian North and South comes to a head in this comedy that points out the poverty of some of the towns in the area.

9/23/14 - Edith Grossman,
translator of Spanish literature, Seminar on translation, 4:15 pm, Assembly Hall, Campus Center. Reading, 8:00 pm., Assembly Hall, Campus Center "Edith Grossman is one of the world’s most celebrated translators of Spanish literature into English. Her newest work is Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (2014), a collection of poems by 17th century nun, poet, and feminist, Sister Juana, known to posterity as the “Phoenix of Mexico” and the “Tenth Muse." Co-sponsored by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures." (from NYS Writers Institute)

9/22/14 - “Black Venus: Ventriloquizing the Hottentot”
– Presentation by Professor Emeritus Eloise Brière.  She used the film VENUS NOIRE (2010) by the French filmmaker, Abdellatif Kechiche (of North African origin) and the story his film tells about Saartjies Baartman, the South African ‘Venus,’ as a way of discussing the origin of human zoos in Europe in the early 19th century,  a corollary of the slave trade and colonialism. 1:30 pm at the Emeritus Center, 134 University Administration Bldg, 1215 Western Ave.

9-19-14 - I, THE WORST OF ALL [YO, LA PEOR DE TODAS] Film screening- "Directed by María Luisa Bemberg, Argentina, 1990, 105 minutes, color, Starring Assumpta Serna, Dominique Sanda, Héctor Alterio Based on a biography by Nobel laureate Octavio Paz, this film tells the story of the embattled 17th century nun, Sor Juana, who would come to be regarded as the mother of Mexican literature. Screened in conjunction with an appearance by translator Edith Grossman (9-23-14)" in Spanish with English subtitles (from NYS Writiers Institute)7:30 pm, Page Hall, 135 Western Avenue, Downtown Campus.

9/16/14 - German Club Film: Im Juli, 8:00 pm in HU 311 (CLIC). A teacher planning to stay home for summer break embarks on an adventure after a young woman at a flea market sells him a Mayan ring, foretelling that he will meet his true love.

9/16/14 - Spanish Club Film: Carancho, a 2010 Argentinian film by Pablo Trapero. 6:00pm in HU 354. "In Argentina over 8,000 people die in traffic accidents every year. Behind each of these tragedies is a flourishing industry founded on insurance payouts and legal loopholes." (from IMDB).

Professor Cynthia Fox (Fre) was elected Vice-Chair of the Faculty Senate.

Carmen Serrano was also awarded a 2014–2015 Diversity Transformation Fund Award to support a Spanish Heritage Day event in Spring 2015.

June 2014- Carmen Serrano (Spn) presented the paper “Rituals and Virtual Journeys to the Churchyard: Aesthetic Representations of Death in Santa, La amortajada, and Dama de corazones.” at the XX Annual Juan Bruce-Novoa Mexican Studies Conference Irvine, CA (May 2014) . She also presented a paper, “Gallo-Gallina: Gender Performance and the Androgynous Imagination in Elena Poniatowska's Hasta no verte Jesús mío.” at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (April, 2014) and she will chair a panel at the Northeast Modern Language Association's 46th Annual Convention in Toronto, Ontario (April 30-May 3, 2015), called Contemplating the Missing Pieces: The Fragmented and Grotesque Body. Her call for proposals was accepted by NeMLA in the area of Interdisciplinary Humanities with a cross in Comparative Languages & Theory. Professor Serraon also chaired a panel and presented a paper, “Crossing Literary Boundaries: New Latina Gothic in Marta Acosta’s Dark Companion (2012) and Happy Hour at Casa Dracula (2006).”, at the Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas (MESEA). Saarbrucken, Germany (June 2014)

Sophie Lubensky (Emeritus Professor of Russian) was awarded the 2014 AATSEEL Book Award for Best Contribution to Language Pedagogy for her "Russian-English Dictionary of Idioms, Revised Edition".

June 2014
- Congratulations to PhD candidate Gabriel Guadalupe who has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Spanish (tenure-track) at Westfield State University in Massachusetts.

5/17/14 - LLC held its departmental recognition ceremony for graduating students on Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 330-430pm in the PAC Recital Hall. A reception followed from 430-530 in the Futterer Lounge.  The department ceremony is a complement to the University-wide commencement ceremonies offering graduates an opportunity to participate in a smaller, more intimate commencement event where each LLC graduate receives individual recognition (diplomas arrive by mail at a later date).

5/9/14 - End of Semester Event- Language Clubs and Tables and LLC faculty and students were invited to get together in the Terrace Lounge from 3:30-5:00 to celebrate the end of the semester and plan future events.

5/2/14 - The induction ceremony for Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honor Society) was held at 6:00pm in HU 354. -Contact Professor Julio Torres -

David Lisenby’s (Spn) interview with Cuba’s renowned playwright Abelardo Estorino was published in the spring 2014 Latin American Theatre Review.

Lotfi Sayahi’s (Spn) book Diglossia and Language Contact: Language Variation and Change in North Africa. was recently published by Cambridge University Press.

5/1/14 - LLC Seminar Series: John Singler (New York University),"Sociolinguistics in the Digital Age: Data As Never Before," 1:00pm, HU 354

5/1/14 - The induction ceremony for Pi Delta Phi (French Honor Society) was held at 5:00pm in HU 354. Contact Professor Cynthia Fox -

5/1/14 - Deutsche Kaffeestunde (German Table) presented "Im Juli" (In July), a film by Faith Aikin. 8:00pm in HU 354. In German with English subtitles.

5/1/14 - La Dolce Vita showed the film "Big Night" 7:30pm in HU 39. In Italian with English subtitles.

4/17/14 - Ukraine Crisis Forum 3:00-5:00pm, Campus Center 375, The Ukraine Crisis, with Russia’s absorption of Crimea and Sevastopol, has dominated headlines since late November and by most accounts constitutes the most serious challenge to the post-Cold War international order the world has yet seen. Over 70 people came to hear various views of the roots and implications of this crisis in a forum organized by the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures. The forum included brief presentations by five faculty members from LLC and the Departments of History and Political Science and a WHO consultant from Ukraine followed by a question and answer periond.

Diana Aldrete (Spn) chaired a panel at the Northeast Modern Language Association's 46th Annual Convention in Toronto, Ontario (April 30-May 3, 2015) called Human Rights Narratives in a Globalized Latin America. This panel examined the relation of narratives of human rights in an increasingly globalized Latin America. For more information go to NeMLA.

4/25/14 - Professor Emeritus of French Studies Jean-François Brière co-organized a roundtable on the teaching of French history and society in departments of French Studies at the annual meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies in Montreal. He also sits on the selection committee for the Boucher and Heggoy book prizes awarded every year by the French Colonial Historical Society. 

4/3/14- Deutsche Stammtisch (German Club) presented the film "Nirgendwo in Afrika," 7:30pm in HU 354.

4/1/14 - LLC Seminar Series: Timothy Sergay (University at Albany) and Carmen Serrano (University at Albany), "Translation: the Practice, the Reality," 1:00pm, HU 354

3/26/14 - LLC hosted the Olympiada of Spoken Russian for the 18th consecutive year. Congratulations to the finalists: Simran Rostogi (Shaker HS) and Thomas Melvin (Staten Island Technical HS), the Runner Up: Katherine Zaniewska (Staten Island Technical HS) and in the Heritage category to finalist: Gary Dreyer (Staten Island Technical HS) and Runner Up: Eric Makarov (Staten Island Technical HS). Well done!

3/7/14 - For National Foreign Language Week (March 3-7), Russian Learners Club presented the Russian social satire film, Watch out for the Car at 4:30pm in HU 354. "The hero of the film is an insurance agent who is also a car thief. He steals cars only from various crooks and never from the good people. Then he sells those stolen cars and gives all the money to charity. His best friend is a cop who is working on this case." (IMDB) In Russian with English subtitles

3/6/14 -
LLC Seminar Series: Eva Woods Peiro (Vassar College),“Surveillant Filmmaking and the Carceral in Spanish Transnational Films: The Case of Celda 211,” 1:00pm, HU 354

3/6/14 - For National Foreign Language Week (March 3-7), Le Cercle Français had a Movie and Crêpe party. They showed the film The Intouchables at 7:00pm in HU 354. "After he becomes a quadraplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker. In French with English subtitles. The movie was free. Crêpes were for sale in honor of Mardis Gras.

3/5/14 - For National Foreign Language Week (March 3-7), Spanish Club showed the film Celda 211 at 7:15 in HU 354. "The story of two men on different sides of a prison riot -- the inmate leading the rebellion and the young guard trapped in the revolt, who poses as a prisoner in a desperate attempt to survive the ordeal." (from IMDB) In Spanish with English subtitles.

3/5/14 - La fête de la francophonie, Traditional Dance and Music of Québec & France Workshop with Homespun Occasions (band) 10:30-12:00 pm in the Campus Center Ballroom.

3/5/14 - Pierre Joris, poet, translator, and scholar who taught at UAlbany 1992-2013. His work bridges North American, European, and North African literary traditions and cultures.Cosponsored by the Writers Institute and UAlbany’s English Department with support from University Auxiliary Services; Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Fence; and Barzakh.  Panel discussion — 2:00 pm, Standish Room, Science Library, Uptown Campus; Conversation with Pierre Joris — 4:15 pm, Standish Room, Science Library, Uptown Campus; Reading byPierre Joris — 8:00 pm, Standish Room, Science Library, UptownCampus.  

3/4/14 - For National Foreign Language Week (March 3-7), La Dolce Vita presented the film Johnny Stecchino at 7:00 pm in HU 354. "A kindhearted but bumbling idiot who likes to steal bananas, is passed off for a snitch hiding from the mob." (IMDB) Free Pizza with the movie!

3/4/14 - Mardi Gras en français 12:45- 2:00 in the Patroon Room (2nd floor Campus Center)- French Program faculty and studentsmet forFrench conversation and Louisiana Cajun-style food.

3/3/14 - For National Foreign Language Week (March 3-7), Deutsche Kaffestunde showed the film Lola Rennt at 7:30 pm in HU B39, "A young woman in Germany has twenty minutes to find and bring 100,000 Deutschmarks to her boyfriend before he robs a supermarket. In German with English subtitles.

2/6/14 - LLC Seminar Series: John Lipski (Pennsylvania State University) “Languages without borders: Spanish and Portuguese at the Crossroads”, 1:00pm, HU 354.

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10-28-14 -Najla Said, memoirist, actress, and playwright - Seminar, 4:15 pm, Standish Room, Science Library; Reading — 8:00 pm, Recital Hall, Performing Arts Center- "Najla Said is the author of the new memoir Looking for Palestine: Growing Up Confused in an Arab-American Family (2013). The daughter of major Palestinian-American intellectual and political activist Edward Said, Najla spent her formative years in the largely Jewish milieu of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. A witty exploration of post-modern, hyphenated American identity, the book opens with the playful statement, “I am a Palestinian-Lebanese-American Christian woman, but I grew up as a Jew in New York City.” Kirkus Reviews called it, “an enlightening, warm, timely coming-of-age story.” Said also wrote and starred in the hit Off-Broadway play, Palestine (2009)." (from NYS Writiers Institute)


2-13-15 - Cyrille Aimée - "French jazz singer, Cyrille Aimée winner of the Montreaux Jazz Festival and Sarah Vaughn Vocal Competitions, performs an evening of classic and contemporary standards for an unforgettably romantic Valentine’s Day eve concert. (from The Egg) 8:00 pm at The Egg, Center for the Performing Arts Empire State Plaza, Albany.

10-26-14 - Art Song Festival - " performances at 1:00pm & 4:30pm, Jointly sponsored by the Department of Music and Theater and ENY/NATS, this festival champions the study and performance of the classical art song repertoire with a particular focus on French art song." (from PAC) in the UAlbany Performing Arts Center.

8-16-14 - Ajkun Ballet Theatre – La Fille Mal Gardée - " of the oldest ballets still regularly performed, La Fille Mal Gardée (The Wayward Daughter) – a blissful evocation of rural living in a comedy depicting feelings of innocence and eternal spring. The dimwitted, umbrella-obsessed Alain will entertain you, while the sweet, innocent love of Lisa and Colin will move your heart." (from The Egg)The ballet was first presented at the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France on 1 July 1789. Empire State Plaza, Albany NY. Box Office: 518.473.1845

8-1-14 to 8-10-14 - Cirque Éloize is a Quebec-based nouveau cirque (contemporary circus) troupe. "Amazing Cirque Éloize returns to its summer home at Proctors for two spectacular weekends of the international hit, iD. For 20 years now, Cirque Éloize has been taking the public and critics by storm in more than 440 cities around the world. This August, Cirque Éloize’s dazzling and energetic iD comes to the Capital Region for the very first time.This astonishing modern circus transports audiences to a vibrant urban streetscape. The stage comes alive with the boundless energy of acrobats, break dancers and contortionists, who perform against a kaleidoscope of eye-popping projections, building to a stunning finale on a one-of-a-kind video trampowall." (from Proctor's Theater) Schenectady NY, Box Office - (518) 346-6204.

2-2-14 Hubbard Hall Opera Theatre in Carmen - Don José’s life was just fine – nice girlfriend, stable military career – until he arrested Carmen, stunningly beautiful and terrifying all at once. There aren’t many woman who will make you throw it all away, but Carmen’s motto is “live free and die free” – and she proves it. Fully costumed and staged, this condensed piano production, featuring mezzo-soprano Kara Cornell and pianist Michael Clement, is sung in French with supertitles. 3pm in the UAlbany Recital Hall


11-3-13 - UAlbany/ENY-NATS Art Song Festival - Free performances at 1pm & 4:30. This festival champions the study and performance of the classical art repertoire with this year’s particular focus on German lieder. The event is for non-professional singers giving them the opportunity to explore, coach and perform new repertoire and be evaluated by ENY/NATS members. Performing Arts Center, UAlbany.



2-27-15 through 3-7-15 - Eurydice, "The classic story is electrifyingly updated for modern audiences by famed contemporary playwright Sarah Ruhl. In this immersive theatrical production, a young girl is ripped from her world on her wedding day and sent down a raining elevator to the underworld where she must fight for the love in her heart." (from PAC) 2-27-15 at 7:00 pm, 2-28-15 at 2:00 pm, 3-4-15 through 3-6-15 at 7:00 pm, 3-7-15 at 2:00 pm in the UAlbany Performing Arts Center.

10-26-14 - Festival of Nations - "Attractions: Parade of Nations, Crowning of Miss Festival of Nations, Native Dance and Music, Ethnic Foods, Unique Crafts, and much more." 11:30-5:00pm at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center. (from Festival of Nations)



11-22-14 - The Touré-Raichel Collective- "features Malian guitar virtuoso Vieux Farka Touré and Israeli superstar pianist Idan Raichel who have created an inspirational collaboration and artistic kinship that defies all borders with intercultural free-form acoustic masterpieces.The ensemble’s natural spontaneity and free-form creativity results in the invention of sublime and transcendent music that crosses boundaries of country, culture and tradition." (from The Egg) 8:00 pm at The Egg, Center for the Performing Arts Empire State Plaza, Albany.


9-12-14- The Trip To Italy- "Two of Britain’s best-loved comic actors, Steve Coogan (Philomena) and Rob Brydon (Tristram Shandy: A Cock And Bull Story), unite on a road trip across Italy, as they ponder life and jibe each other in this semi-fictional improvised film from director Michael Winterbottom. In the long awaited follow-up to the smash hit comedy The Trip, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon embark on a new culinary road trip around Italy in the summer, where they enjoy mouth watering meals in the gorgeous surroundings of Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and Capri. They riff on subjects as varied as Batman’s vocal register, Pompeii, the artistic merits of “Jagged Little Pill”, and, of course, compete on who can do the best Michael Caine impersonation." (from Spectrum 8 Theatre) 290 Delaware Ave. Albany.

4-11-14 - Francesca Marciano, novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter, Reading — 4:15 pm, University Hall Room 110, Uptown Campus; Film screening of MIELE [HONEY] and discussion with screenwriter Francesca Marciano, acclaimed Italian novelist and short story writer who writes her fiction in English, and an Oscar-nominated screenwriter who writes her scripts in Italian. — 7:00 pm, Page Hall, 135 Western Avenue, Downtown Campus, Directed by Valeria Golino (Italy, 2013, 96 minutes, color, in Italian with English subtitles)

2-13-14 - Channeling Puccini - "Hubbard Hall Opera Theatre offers an evening of romance, drama and passion celebrating the sumptuous music of Giacomo Puccini including works from Madame Butterfly, La Bohème, Tosca, Turandot and other masterpieces as well as lesser known songs that never made it into an opera score." (from PAC) 7:30 pm in the UAlbany Performing Arts Center.


2-11-14 - Carnival/Carnaval - "Music from the Americas. Pianist Max Lifschitz marks Carnival celebrations performing dance inspired piano music by composers from the Caribbean, Brazil and US." (from PAC) 7::00 pm, UAlbany Performing Arts Center, 442-3997


3/26/15- Novelist Yelena Akhtiorskaya, Yelena Akhtiorskaya is the author of a brilliant debut novel, Panic in a Suitcase (2014), the story of two decades in the life of a Ukrainian immigrant family in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Hailed by the critics as “ingenious” (NPR), “marvelous” (Library Journal) and “hilarious” (Publishers Weekly), Panic in a Suitcase was named a “Notable Book of 2014” by the New York Times and Washington Post. Seminar, 4:15 pm, Standish Room, Science Library; Reading, 8:00 pm, Campus Center 375. (from NYS Writers Institute)

12-6-14 to 12-7-14 - Northeast Ballet's Annual Nutcracker - "Join the Sugarplum Fairy, the heroic Nutcracker Prince and the evil Rat King in the Capital Region’s premier celebration of the season. Starring Lauren Lovette and Gonzalo Garcia of New York City Ballet fame." (from Proctor's Theater) Schenectady NY, Box Office - (518) 346-6204.

11-29-14 - Moscow Ballet's "Great Russian Nutcracker" - "40 star-studded Russian dancers perform Olympic-worthy leaps and lunges, astonishing lifts and magnificent partnering throughout Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker. Performed to Tchaikovsky's timeless score for over twenty years in the U.S., the Great Russian Nutcracker tells the traditional story of a young girl meeting her Prince and includes a tribute to world peace and harmony. The Stahlbaum's Christmas party is lively and includes magical toys from the family's beloved Uncle Drosselmeyer. Masha is enchanted with her strange Nutcracker Doll and enters a dream world with him...a "Dove of Peace" escorts Masha and her Nutcracker Prince to the "Land of Peace and Harmony" (in contrast to the traditional "Land of Sweets"). In Act II dancers from the world's ethnic heritages; Hispanic, African, Slavic-Russian, Asian and European, entertain the young couple bestowing symbolic gifts in the form of playful, 10-foot tall silk puppets." 3:00pm (from Palace Theater) 19 Clinton Ave., Albany NY 12207 - (518) 465-3334.

11-13-14 - Moscow Symphony Orchestra - "For over 70 years the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra has been acclaimed as one of the world’s finest musical ensembles.From its home base at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory to the music centers of Vienna, Munich, Rome, Helsinki, Hong Kong and beyond, the MSSO has brought the grand Russian style to enthusiastic audiences all over the globe." 8:00 pm (from Procor's Theater) Schenectady NY, Box Office - (518) 346-6204.

11-1-14 - Heritage Dinner - New Russia Cultural Center is sponsoring a dinner to celebrate and pay homage to those who have enriched the community and established a legacy in the Russian-speaking community. Mohawk Golf Club,1850 Union St., Schenectady NY. Cocktails begin at 6:00pm. Guest speaker: Neil Golub. For more information go here.

10-22-14 - Sung Poetry - The Latham-based Russian cultural organization SPUTNIK announces a concert of sung Russian poetry in a cozy home studio setting by composer and singer Elmira Galeyeva, accompanied on the acoustic bass by her husband, Oleg Kovalyov. The couple will present a program of mostly twentieth-century Russian poetry that they call “Предчувствие” (“Presentiment” or “Premonition”). 7:00 pm at 61 Mill Rd., Latham, NY, 12110. Tickets are $20 at the door, $15 for students and retirees. Questions, call Yan and Marina Babichenko at 518-785-5990.



12-12-14 to 12-21-14 - The Gringo Who Stole Christmas - "Hispanic take on the classic Dickens tale A Christmas Carol. Kevin, aka, Diego, has determined that the only way for immigrants to “make it” in America is to completely assimilate, beginning by losing their accents. In the process, though, he has lost more than just his accent. Three fantasmas visit Kevin and show him the value of embracing who he really is, appreciating his heritage and living in the now." (from Proctor's Theater) Schenectady NY, Box Office - (518) 346-6204.

11-10-14- Latin America in Song- "Cuban-American soprano Susana Diaz joins UAlbany pianist Max Lifchitz for a recital featuring art songs from the Caribbean and the Americas including works by Ernesto Lecuona, Aurelio de la Vega, Manuel M. Ponce and Heitor Villa-Lobos.  $8 general public / $4 students, seniors and UAlbany faculty-staff." (from PAC) 7:00 pm in the UAlbany Performing Arts Center arcía Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa. Her 2003 translation of Don Quixote is widely hailed as a masterpiece." (from NYS Writiers Intsitute) Co-sponsored by UAlbany’s Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

10-17-14- Habana Sax- "Featuring four saxophones and a percussionist, Habana Sax synthesizes Afro-Cuban, Salsa, Latin and American jazz, venturing from mystical chant to rhythmic dance music to improvisational jazz." (from The Egg) 7:30 pm at The Egg, Center for the Performing Arts Empire State Plaza, Albany.

9-23-14- Edith Grossman, celebrated translator of Spanish literature Seminar on translation, 4:15 pm., Assembly Hall, Campus Center Reading, 8:00 pm., Assembly Hall, Campus Center:"Edith Grossman is one of the world’s most celebrated translators of Spanish literature into English. Her newest work is Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (2014), a collection of poems by 17th century nun, poet, and feminist, Sister Juana, known to posterity as the “Phoenix of Mexico” and the “Tenth Muse.”

9-13-14 -Hannaford Hispanic Heritage Celebration At The Plaza - "...celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at the Hannaford Hispanic Heritage Celebration on September 13th, 2014. This exciting family-friendly, Latin festival, held in the Empire State Plaza will have performances by local dance troupes, musical entertainment, Latin arts and crafts and food vendors." (from 5:00-10:00pm, Convention Center, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY.

9-19-14 - I, THE WORST OF ALL [YO, LA PEOR DE TODAS] Film screening- "Directed by María Luisa Bemberg, Argentina, 1990, 105 minutes, color, Starring Assumpta Serna, Dominique Sanda, Héctor Alterio Based on a biography by Nobel laureate Octavio Paz, this film tells the story of the embattled 17th century nun, Sor Juana, who would come to be regarded as the mother of Mexican literature. Screened in conjunction with an appearance by translator Edith Grossman (9-23-14)" in Spanish with English subtitles (from NYS Writiers Institute)7:30 pm, Page Hall, 135 Western Avenue, Downtown Campus.


8-18-14 - Pablo- "Pablo tells the story of the legendary times and work of title designer Pablo Ferro. Using a blend of character animation, motion design and documentary footage, Pablo tracks Pablo Ferro's rise as a poor Cuban immigrant to the heights of the Madison Avenue commercial industry and then becoming one of the most celebrated designers of movie history. The film centers Pablo's presence in the New York counter culture scene of the 1960's until the mystery that changed his life forever… " (from Proctor's Theater) Schenectady NY, Box Office - (518) 346-6204.




2013 - The Year in Pictures



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