photo Maurice Westmoreland

Maurice Westmoreland

Associate Professor of Hispanic and Italian Studies

Degree/Institution: PhD University of Illinois
Office: HU 222
Fax: (518) 442-4111


Academic Focus

Research interests include Romance linguistics (historical and comparative focus) particularly pertaining to Mediterranean varieties, morphosyntax, expressions of tense, aspect and modality, modifier placement, theories of postmodernism regarding identity depth, and cross-cultural gay studies.


Recently taught classes:

Romance Linguistics (SPN 685)
Introduction to Latin American Dialectology (SPN 493/593)
Advanced Conversation and Composition (SPN 301Z)
Spanish Linguistics: Morphology (SPN 402)
Introduction to Spanish Dialectology (SPN 492)
Introductiion to Comparative Romance Linguistics (SPN 504)
Spanish Syntax and Morphology (SPN 502)