photo: Jean-Francois Briere, Anoumou Amekudji and Eloise Briere
Commencement 2012: Jean-François Brière (French), French PhD Anoumou Amekudji and Eloise Brière (French)

Commencement 2012

LLC Recognition Ceremony- May 14



Italian major Nicoletta Gallo,recipient of the Anthony Gisolfi Memorial Award

photo: Nicoletta Gallo (Italian major)

photo: Juan Thomas (guest speaker) and Aida Torres-Horwitt (Spanish)


Guest Speaker (LLC alumnus), Juan Thomas and Lecturer Aida Torres-Horwitt (Spanish)




French Professor David Wills

photo: David Wills (French) in robes

photo: cake for graduates






Spanish major, Olivia Krolik

photo: Olivia Krolik (Spanish graduate)

photo: graduate, Catherine Ronolder




French major Catherine Ronolder

photo: Amelia Simonson (French MA) and Eloise Briere


French MA, Amelia Simonson and Professor Eloise Brière (French)

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