• photo-Juan Thomas with A. Torres-Horwitt


    MA (2004), PhD (2006)- Hispanic Linguistics (UAlbany)
    PhD (1992)- Inorganic Chemistry (M.I.T.)

    After having worked ten years in the Analytical Chemistry/Environmental Analysis Laboratory of a major U.S. company, Dr. Thomas decided to pursue a different career in the field of linguistics. While it might seem a radical shift, he had been interested in languages since childhood and he had seen how linguistics was treated scientifically during his last semester at M.I.T.

    Dr. Thomas is Associate Professor of Spanish at Utica College, where he is pursuing his research interests in language contact, focusing on several different language pairs: Neapolitan-Spanish; Galician-Spanish; Andalusian Arabic- Medieval Iberian Romance and Spanish-English.  He is currently working on a linguistic description of the Spanish spoken in Utica and hopes to extend the project to other languages spoken in ths small, multiethnic city, such as Italian and Arabic.

    Dr. Thomas thanks his professors at UAlbany, the staff and his fellow students for supporting his decision, never doubting its sensibility, and proving to him from the very first semester at UAlbany that linguistics is just as much a scientific discipline as chemistry.    

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